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Jun 25, 2015 | Kevin Thompson

Navigating the #GC78 Hall of 'Churchkies'

The Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah is a large place. A really large place. Just the hall being used for the House of Deputies would equal right at a full city block. That’s just one hall. Next up, the Exhibits Hall rivals the House of Deputies hall with one glaring exception. 


If you haven’t heard that word before, don’t be alarmed. I made it up. Churchkies are what you receive after visiting a booth at General Convention. Not too different from the ‘swag’ one would receive at an oil conference or even Comic-con for that matter, just holier, I guess.

A silly putty egg from Forma at #GC78

Churchkies encountered this year include a handful of mints, screen wipes and lanyards from Episcopal Relief and Development, shoelaces and postcards from Episcopal Service Corps, silly putty and lip balm from Forma, wristbands from the Union of Black Episcopalians reminding us that ‘Black Lives Matter’, letter openers from Saint Francis Community Services and luggage tags from a Virginia Theological Seminary and Church Publishing Inc. 

You can take a selfie with a goat named Selfie, a Seminary of the Southwest selfie and even one with the Church Pension Group highlighting their wellness program. 

CPG's Akina Warner showing off the wellness selfie.

CPG also handed out area maps that highlight the distance between the Salt Palace and local hotels and attractions so you can track how much you are walking. Akina Warner eagerly showed me CPG’s new 28-day ‘Walk & Be Well’ program, that comes with free headphones for signing up.


Integrity's Sarah Riggle holding a free DVD handout.

Integrity member Sarah Riggle was passing out a DVD called Voices of Witness: Out of the Box, a documentary featuring transgender people of faith telling their stories. 

Did I mention buttons?

If there’s one thing that every ministry, seminary, group or retailer has to have it’s personalized buttons to attach to a personalized lanyard that holds your deputy badge or media credentials. From Integrity to ERD’s Asset Map, VTS to ESC, there’s a button for every acronym available.

So if you’re at General Convention and you happen to have forgotten your shoelaces, need something to clean off the screen of your Virtual Binder or properly sign your luggage, you’re in luck. The Churchkies have you covered.