Asset Mapping

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Heads of Congregations and Outreach Coordinators,

We invite you to join the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in completing its portion of a new, nation-wide asset map for The Episcopal Church (TEC). Conceived of by TEC and Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD), the Episcopal Asset Map will provide immediate, online access to vital information, not only about the Church's capacity to respond to disasters, but also the scope and diversity of Episcopal service, outreach and health ministries in action throughout the country.

The Asset Map will encourage collaboration between and among churches for both outreach ministry development and disaster response. For example, if your congregation wanted to start a community garden, you could search the Asset Map database to find others with a similar ministry who could help provide start up information and advice. The Episcopal Health Foundation is interested in supporting congregations seeking to start or expand community health community engagement and the map will help document and share the growth of this work by our congregations. The collected data will also help the ERD quickly activate available parish resources in the wake of disasters.

Your help is needed to input specifics about your church’s assets into an online survey (inventory) located at: We understand that not every section of the form will be relevant to your church, but please try to provide as complete a representation of your church and ministries as possible. Please go to the Episcopal Asset Map website and follow the instructions to find your church’s form (Each church is already placed on the map and the form is currently linked under “Survey”). Of course, you can also assign a lay leader from your congregation to complete your asset inventory. 

Melodee Toles of the Episcopal Health Foundation will serve as project manager and is available to answer your questions at 832.658.2662 and help you fill out the online form. Paula Haenchen, a member of Holy Comforter, Angleton, is also available to help answer questions and assist with the listings. Please feel free to contact Melodee or Paula with any questions. 

Our goal is to have the Diocese’s congregations complete this work by the end of September, 2015. Thank you for your cooperation and your support in this important endeavor. 

The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, IX Bishop of Texas
Elena Marks, CEO and President, Episcopal Health Foundation 

  1. On the Menu bar, click on ‘Other Maps.’
  2. On ‘Other Maps’ page, scroll down the second column until you find ‘Diocese of Texas’ and click on it.
  3. This brings you to a map of the Diocese of Texas’ parishes/missions/other organizations. Use the zoom symbols (+/-) in the upper left-hand corner of the map to enlarge the display enough to connect to your church icon. (The symbol will change from an open hand to a pointing hand). Click once.
  4. This will open a box with your church name on it. Click on the NAME.
  5. This opens your church’s ‘page.’
  6. Click on the ‘Take the Survey!’ button and open the Survey (which is really just an inventory of your church’s assets and other descriptive details.) 
  • Scroll through it and take notes on the types of information it asks for
  • Gather the requested information and/or consult with other individuals in the parish about areas on the form that relate to their work and ministries.
  • Pre-write the larger text areas so that they can more easily be cut and pasted into the text blocks.
  • Immediately below the larger text blocks, there are references to ‘coding’ the text. Ignore this. The best, easiest way to complete these larger blocks of text is to copy and paste.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to finish the ‘Survey’ in one sitting, HOWEVER, if you exit the online form before completing it, you absolutely need to scroll down to the end of the form and click on SUBMIT or all your work will be LOST.
  • If you have partially completed the form and clicked on SUBMIT, don’t be alarmed when you return and the previously submitted information is not visible. An administrator for the Asset Map must approve content before it can appear on the map. 

Once the form is complete, click submit. The information will go to a Diocesan Map Administrator for review and approval. 

Questions: Melodee Toles or  Paula Haenchen