Bishop's Office, Houston

  • The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle / IX Bishop of Texasemail

    • Bishop Andy oversees and is the chief pastor for more than 78,000 Episcopalians in the diocese, 400 clergy working in 153 congregations, schools, chaplaincies and institutions. Elected bishop in 2008, he teaches and preaches in a different church each week, confirms new members of the Church, ordains priests and deacons and, as stated in his ordination vows, “guards the faith, unity and discipline of the Church.”

      facebook: texas bishop twitter: texasbishop

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1024

  • Stephanie Taylor / Assistant to the Bishop of Texasemail

    • staff-steph1staff-steph2

      Stephanie maintains the bishop’s calendar and correspondence, schedule and handles remarriage petitions.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1024

  • Rebecca Nelson-Gomez / Confirmation Visitation Coordinatoremail

    • Rebecca coordinates the confirmation visitation schedule for the diocesan bishop as well as the two bishops with oversight of the east and west regions of the diocese. She facilitates visitations for retired and visiting bishops and coordinates special events for the bishop’s office. Rebecca is responsible for the bishop’s travel and assists with itineraries for special visitors. She is the diocesan/group administrator for General Convention, as well as providing general assistance in the bishop’s office. Rebecca was executive assistant to Bishop’s Ben Benitez, Claude E. Payne, Don Wimberly and Andy Doyle before moving to part-time work in support of the Office of the Diocesan Bishop.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1004

  • Laura Krustchinsky / Receptionistemail

    • staff-laurak1staff-laurak2

      Laura is responsible for directing all incoming calls to the appropriate staff members. In addition, she also keeps the calendar for reserving rooms for all meetings held at the Diocesan center. The diocesan booking calendar is kept three years in advance.”

      office: 713.520.6444

Bishop Suffragan's Office, Austin

  • The Rt. Rev. Dena Harrison / Bishop Suffraganemail

    • staff-woman

      Bishop Harrison resides in Austin and has oversight of the West Region of the diocese, the World Mission Commission, and the ordination process. She chairs the boards of these diocesan institutions: El BuenSamaritano, St. Stephen's School, and the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin and St. Luke's Episcopal Health System in Houston. Nationally, she serves on the board of Episcopal Relief & Development.

      office: 512.478.0580

  • Alicia Alcantara / Assistant to Bishop Harrisonemail

    • staff-womanstaff-woman

      Alicia maintains the bishop’s calendar and correspondence and schedule.

      office: 512.478.0580

  • Ana Gonzales May / Commission on Ministry Coordinatoremail

    • staff-woman

      Ana provides administrative support to the Executive for Ministry for Commission on Ministry activities. She maintains application files for all nominees for ordination as well as manages the application process for nominees to the Seminary, bi-vocational, and deacon ordination tracks.

      office: 512.478.0580


Bishop Suffragan's Office, Tyler

  • The Rt. Rev. Jeff W. Fisher / Bishop Suffragan email

    • Bishop Jeff serves as the Regional Bishop of the East Region of the Diocese. He is the Executive for Pastoral Ministry. He oversees pastoral and administrative needs in the East Region. He serves as chair of the Boards of St. James’ House and St. Vincent’s House. He oversees Ecumenical/Interreligious Affairs and is the diocesan representatives to the Texas Conference of Churches, the ECW, Altar Guild and Daughters of the King.  In addition, he is responsible for pastoral care for clergy and their families. 

      office: 888.579.6012

  • Martha Harvey / Assistant to Bishop Fisheremail

    • staff-martha1staff-martha2

      Martha schedules Bishop Fisher’s visitations, meetings and other appointments and makes his travel arrangements; assists with getting clergy, parishioners and family members physician referrals; plans, coordinates attendance at Little Church Club meetings, annual Retreats for Retired Clergy, Spouses and Surviving Spouses, and Planning for Tomorrow Conferences; communicates information for the bishop to the East Region for the diocese.

      office: 888.579.6012



  • The Ven. Russ Oechsel, Jr. / Archdeaconemail

    • In his role as Archdeacon, Russ is responsible for convening the community of 23 deacons biannually. He is responsible for placing deacons in congregations, following their graduation from the Iona School for Ministry and their ordination. Russ is also responsible for deacons’ pastoral care and assists with their continuing education. He teaches several times per year at the Iona School and oversees chapel services at the Diocesan Center in Houston. Following a 30 year career in human resources, Russ joined the diocesan staff to oversee relief efforts following Hurricane Ike. A partnership with Episcopal Relief and Development ultimately became a local home repair program and rebuilding organization that resulted in more than 50 homes being rebuilt for the underserved population of Galveston and nearby communities. The organization completed its activities at the end of January 2011.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1051


Benefit's Administration

  • Debra M. Klinger / Human Resources Administratoremail

    • staff-debra1staff-debra2

      Debra handles all human resources, clergy compensation and payroll questions and issues. She is the contact person in the Diocese of Texas for all benefit enrollment and terminations and information regarding medical, HSA, dental, life insurance for clergy and lay employees. Debra also provides guidance regarding handling of worker's comp claims, clergy and lay pension, retirements and short and long term disability for clergy and lay employees.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1012

  • Cornelio Adams Jr. / Benefits Associate email

    • Cornelio is responsible for benefit enrollments/changes and managing the Health Savings Account (HSA) records. He is also available to help member with benefits questions or problems. 

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1038


Camp Allen

  • George Dehan / President of Camp Allenemail

    • George leads in fulfilling the mission of offering quality programs and Christian hospitality to the thousands of guests and campers who come to the facility annually. The job of fulfilling that mission is to work within a $5 million budget while creating a strategy to increase awareness of the summer camp, adult education, giving opportunities and ecological programs available to Camp Allen.


      office: 936.825.7175


Canon to the Ordinary

  •  email

    • Canon Kai serves as Transition Ministry Officer of the Diocese of Texas, overseeing clergy deployment; congregations involved in a search process; placement for seminary-track curates and bi-vocational pastoral leaders; and clergy licensing work. She is involved with canonical Title IV work, assisting the bishop’s work with clergy discipline and other discipline matters. Another facet is coordinating orientations for curates; vocational deacons and mentoring rectors; clergy new to the diocese; bi-vocational transitional deacons and pastoral leaders; and interim clergy.


      office: 713.520.6444 ext.1036

  • Alice Kerr / Recorder of Ordinations & Archivist email

    • staff-alicek1staff-alicek2

      Alice serves the Office of the Bishop as the Recorder of Ordinations; assists with clergy licensing, deacons’ ordination, chaplains’ endorsement; and other support as needed.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1013

  • Sara Myers / Assistant to Canon to the Ordinary email

    • Sara assists Canon Kai in the areas of transition ministry, including clergy deployment; congregations involved in a search process; placement for seminary-track curates and bi-vocational pastoral leaders; discipline issues and orientation for new clergy.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1036


Congregational Development

  • Mary M. MacGregor / Canon for Evangelism and Congregational Development email

    • staff-marym1staff-marym2

      Canon Mary heads the staff team that works closely with congregations in assessing and supporting many aspects of their vitality. Part of this work includes leading or overseeing strategic groups such as the Clergy Redevelopers, First Time in Charge, Curate Camp, Greenfield Commission, the diocesan Stewardship Committee, and facilitated Clericus Groups.  In addition, she trains rector search committees for congregations preparing to call new rectors. She oversees the Newcomer Ministry Project and the training of persons involved in those important congregational ministries. She also trains and deploys congregational coaches to do specific work with congregations. In addition, she serves as Director of the Iona School for Ministry, which is an internal school for the formation of bi-vocational priests and vocational deacons. She also has direct responsibility for the annual Clergy Conference and is on the team that develops The Conference.  


      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1028

  • Julie Heath / Asst. & Administrator, Iona School for Ministry email 

    • staff-julie2staff-julie1

      Julie supports the director of leadership and congregational development by serving as coordinator for events and conferences, such as Crosspointes, Wardens & Vestry Conferences, Stewardship Conference, Clergy Conference, Interim Training, new clergy orientation and more. In addition, Julie serves as administrator for the Iona School for Ministry and Curate Camp managing the business side of the both.


      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1017

  • Bob Schorr / Manager for Church Plants & Strategic Development email

    • staff-bobsch1staff-bobsch2

      Bob has served on a part-time contract basis since March of 2006. He works closely with Mary MacGregor to support congregations through phone consultation, personal visitations, workshops and conferences. Bob’s support focuses in the areas of governance, vestry/bishop’s committee development, organizational clarity and efficiency, facility planning and operations, strategic planning, master planning and construction. He facilitates the meetings of the Congregational Development Team (bishops, canon to the ordinary, treasurer, and directors of leadership development and foundations). He coordinates church planting efforts – both green field and redevelopments and manages the facility operations and information technology for the diocesan offices.

      office: 800.318.4452
            or 713.520.6444 ext. 1004

      fax: 713.520.5723
  • Dania Lainez / Asst., Church Plants & Strategic Development email

    • Dania is responsible for scheduling meetings and retreats for the Congregational Development Team, Church Planters Team, Strategic Development Group and several other key teams that operate under Congregational Development. She also assists with building facilities and coordinating organization-wide electronic usage.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1004



  • Carol E. Barnwell / Director of Communicationemail

      • Carol oversees all communications for the Diocese of Texas. She edits the quarterly magazine, Diolog: The Texas Episcopalian, produces audio and video content, assists diocesan staff in strategic planning for communicating their work to the diocese and provides training for churches in effective communications. The diocese’s Office of Communication has recently redeveloped their website and changed from a monthly newspaper to a quarterly magazine. Carol serves as the diocesan media liaison and consults congregations on crisis communications. She is a member of the Episcopal Relief and Development Inspiration Fund Advisory Committee, is past president of the national Episcopal Communicators and an award-winning photographer and producer.

        office: 713.353.2140



  • LaShane Eaglin / Graphics Designer and Web Administrator email

    • LaShane manages the diocesan website, design and layout Diolog: The Texas Episcopalian quarterly magazine, graphics for special projects, as well as produces audio and video content. 

      office: 713.353.2133

  • Kevin Thompson / Staff Writer, Communication Specialist email

    • staff-luke1staff-luke2

      Kevin writes articles for EDOT’s online and print publications. He also coordinates the diocese’s social media, edits the e-newsletters, and assists in maintaining the website. Kevin assists in the production of audio, video, and photographic content. 

      facebook: TexasDiocese twitter: @TexasDiocese

      office: 713.353.2126

      cell: 713.206.1950


Database Services

  • Shirley Platt / Manager of Database Servicesemail

    • staff-shirley1staff-shirley2

      Shirley manages the centralized, consolidated database that includes contact and other information for diocesan churches, clergy, vestry, and other lay leaders. Reports, labels, and church and clergy directories are produced from this database. She keeps the website updated with information on the diocesan churches; produces and uploads the monthly diocesan cycle of prayer; and she responsible for producing and tracking lay licenses for Eucharistic ministers, Worship Leaders, Eucharistic visitors, Catechists and Preachers. She also oversees personnel responsible for lay background checks and for maintaining addresses for the Diolog: Texas Episcopalian.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1033

  • Sue Edmonson / Associate To Database Services email

    • Sue is responsible for processing lay licenses for Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, Worship Leaders, Catechists and Preachers; contact with churches and institutions for questions relating to the processes of background checks for the laity; maintains names and addresses for the mailing of the Diolog: Texas Episcopalian magazine; and assists the manager of database services as required.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1021

  • Gail McGuire / Registration email

    • staff-womanstaff-woman

      Gail is responsible for Council and Sharing Faith online registration. 

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1006



Financial Services

  • Bob Biehl / Treasurer of the Dioceseemail

    • staff-bob1staff-bob2

      Bob coordinates the Financial Services area and oversees the finances of the Diocese. He supervises the accounting function through his work with the controller and the management of the diocesan foundations through the director of foundations. Bob reports to the Finance Committee of the Executive Board in managing the finances of the diocese including developing the budgets, managing cash flow and reporting results. Bob also consults with diocesan institutions and congregations regarding their financial concerns, banking issues, accounting systems and investment options. He functions as the finance resource to the bishop’s staff.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1026

  • Rochelle Childers / Assistant to the Treasureremail

    • staff-womanstaff-woman

      Rochelle is responsibilities also include, assisting congregations in their responsibility and accountability for the stewardship of their money and property; assisting churches, schools and institutions in obtaining Religious Property Tax Exemptions; providing 501(c)(3) letters, and assist in the processing of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext .1008

  • David N. Fisher / Director of Foundations email

    • staff-davidf1staff-davidf2

      Directs the administration, accounting, and asset management activities of the Foundations of the Diocese. Also provides consulting services and support to the Treasurer’s Office, the Bishop’s Office, and churches throughout the Diocese. David acts a liaison to the Episcopal Foundation of Texas, the Bishop Quin Foundation, and the Church Corporation (which holds title to all real estate property in the diocese) regarding all property acquisition, building projects and the sale of property.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1052

  • Angela Smith / Assistant to the Director of Foundations email

    • staff-davidf1staff-davidf2

      Angela assists the Director of Foundations to manage the business flow of the Church Corporation, the Bishop Quin Foundation, the Episcopal Foundation of Texas, and The Great Commission Foundation. Angela coordinates all regular meetings of the foundations and is involved in the processing of grants made by the foundations.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1052

  • Nancy Lennard / Financial Assistant for Foundationsemail

    • staff-nancy1staff-nancy2

      Nancy is an assistant to David Fisher, Director of Foundations. She is responsible for recording all loans and grants made by the three foundations (“Church Corporation”, Episcopal Foundation of Texas, The Bishop Quin Foundation), following up on grant requirements, and posting all payments made on Quin, Clergy Housing and Diocesan Properties Fund loans.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1016

  • Allison McCloskey / Controlleremail

    • Allison is responsible for annual assessments and Mission Funding administration and reporting; diocesan operating and missionary budgets; financial reporting for the Executive Board and Finance Committees regarding the diocese and foundations; establishment and monitoring of internal controls; oversight of accounts receivable, accounts payable and staff payroll and is a resource for tax-related questions (charitable contributions, clergy compensation, etc.) and for guidance in congregational financial matters.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1018

  • Andre Kierkiewicz / Senior Accountantemail

    • Andre is responsible for diocesan and foundation accounts payable, standard monthly general ledger entries and reconciliation, other month-end and year-end closing activities, and assistance with annual audits. He also provides assistance related to foundations’ investments and with cash flow management.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1031

  • Tony Norris / Accounts Receivableemail

    • staff-tony2staff-tony1

      Tony processes accounts receivable, assists the Treasurer’s Office with tracking Insurance, Assessment, and Missionary Asking receipts, and maintains banking transactions. He also provides administrative assistance, maintains supplies for all Diocesan office and coordinates seminarian relocations.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1020

  • Alice Farrell-DeVore / Accounts Payable Bookkeeperemail

    • Staff_Alice Farrell-DeVore1Staff_Alice Farrell-DeVore2

      Alice oversees disbursements for the Diocese and for the Foundations, reconciles and maintains company credit card receipts, posts assigned journal entries and completes A/P related reconciliations and audit work papers. 

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1029


Lifelong Formation

  • John Newton / Canon for Lifelong Formationemail

    • Canon John is responsible for casting a vision for lifelong Christian formation in the Diocese of Texas by building teams, networks and relationships that clarify our vision and that empower us to live into it. The Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation, approved by General Convention in 2009, compels the Church to minister to people of all ages, races and life situations so that all people become mature in the Christian faith. Lifelong Christian formation includes a heavy emphasis on Christian education. John’s vocation is to work throughout the parishes and institutions as an ambassador for the diocese. His vocation is to preach, teach, guide, shape, clarify, listen, articulate and empower so that we can grow up into Christ together and joyfully live into our Baptismal Covenant.

      facebook: TexasYoungAdults office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1009

  • Denise Trevino / Missioner for Intercultural Developmentemail

    • Denise’s job is to coordinate and execute a Diocesan-wide series of programs specifically designed to increase understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusive communities. This role plays a key source of support for people needing direction and information regarding intercultural work. Working directly with Diocesan entities on community building, Denise seeks to foster better communication and understanding of differences. Denise also serves as chair of the Intercultural Ministry Commission of the diocese to empower others and provide support by connecting them with resources that help them to better serve all of God’s people. 

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1007

  • Matt Blank / Missioner for Youth and Young Adultsemail

    • Matt is responsible for overseeing both the youth and young adult commissions and connecting youth workers together throughout the Diocese. He also oversees all Diocesan youth functions and manages the annual youth workers conference.

      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1030

  • Andrea LaMore / Assistant for Youth and Young Adultsemail

    • Staff_Rachel1Staff_Rachel2

      Andrea is responsible managing online registration for Division of Youth events and is the initial contact for registration questions and concerns. She works with registrants and parents to gather need documention.


  • Jamie Martin-Currie / Missioner for Christian Educationemail

    • Jamie’s  responsibilities include overseeing the children's commission, serving as a curricula consultant, maintaining our resource libraries and managing logistics for our annual formation conference.



      office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1027


Safe Church

  • Carol Petty / Safe Church Minister email

    • Carol oversees the Safeguarding Training Process for Safeguarding God’s Children (SGC) and Safeguarding God’s People (SGP), as well as the development and implementation of Safeguarding Policies. She serves as Diocesan Intake Officer and receives and responds to reports of Safeguarding issues and concerns.

      office: 800.947.0580 or 512.478.0580

  • Marty Romero Brickley / Director of Certificationemail

    • staff-woman

      Marty oversees the Safeguarding Certification Process for Safeguarding God’s Children (SGC) and Safeguarding God’s People (SGP). She also manages the Safeguarding Records System (SRS) providing training and support for Safeguarding Records Administrators (SRAs) in all parishes, schools and other Diocesan entities.

      office: 512.478.0580

  • Danielle Tatro / Assistant to Safe Church email

    • staff-woman

      Danielle provides administrative support to the Safe Church Minister. She assists in preparing for and processing Safeguarding Training Classes (for SGC, SGP, SRA and Web-Based Training), and recording participation.  

       office: 512.478.0580


Secretary of the Diocese

  • John A. Logan, Jr. / Secretary of the Dioceseemail

      • staff-john1staff-john2

        Canon John prepares Volume I of the annual Diocesan Council Journal, attends and records minutes of the Diocesan Council meeting and prepares Volume II of the Journal of that Council. He also attends and records minutes of the Executive Board and assists the Bishop of Texas.

        office: 713.520.6444 ext. 1005