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Days for Girls 

"When Girls win, We all win.  The cycle of poverty is broken when girls stay in school." Sustainable feminine hygiene products for third world girls Outreach project for ECW Diocese of Texas

 Days for Girls, Friendswood, Texas is very excited to be collaborating with the Diocese of Texas ECW to build a network engaging in this Life Changing Ministry.


The Days for Girls organization's mission is to provide sustainable hygiene and health education to school age girls in third world countries.  It is a non-profit agency that creates hygiene kits and educates girls on safe and effective use of feminine hygiene options.

Girls around the world without feminine hygiene products can miss many months of school, due to hygiene issues.  To avoid missing school, girls have been known to utilize corn husks, leaves or other unreliable and unsanitary items to combat this normal hygiene issues.  Days for Girls ongoing desire is to gives these women dignity allowing them to continue their education. 

Days for Girls will show you how to make hygiene kits that are washable and reusable.  They realize that empowering girls by finding and providing a sustainable menstrual health solution, that they are empowering them for their future.  

Fran Lantz, a speaker and advocator for Days for Girls presented at our 2015 ECW retreat at Camp Allen, touched the hearts of many of our women, by her passion to help.   

If now is a time for your parish to learn how to make this happen, you can find more information about this wonderful organization and ministry at www.daysforgirls.org 

Our ECW contact is Fran Lantz email 


Days For Girls Friendswood Tx team on Facebook

Days for Girls

 eBlessings, Leiselle Sadler


ECW Outreach Chair Diocese of Texas