Southern Malawi Partnership

Southern Malawi Partnership

Southern Malawi Partnership

Southern Malawi Partnership

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Our relationship with Malawi extends back to the 1960s, when motorbikes were provided for priests to travel to worship centers in rural areas. Today, our partnership is based upon a 2010 companion diocese agreement with the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi. We have partnered with the Malawian church to increase its capacity for governance and sustainability. Their diocese now has a professional administrator, laity directed Development Board to oversee and administer projects, and a Development Officer to direct projects.
We are invited to partner with the people of Malawi to change their situation and to see Christ in action. A pilgrimage to Southern Malawi is scheduled for June 12-29, 2014. Pilgrimage delegates will live in Blantyre with host families from our companion diocese. Here is a brochure with pilgrimage details. 
Bishop Alinafe Kalemba was consecrated the second bishop of Southern Malawi in October, 2013. The Bishop was born May 7, 1067 and is a Nyanja by tribe. He comes from Msamala Village in the Nkhota-kota district. Baptized in the Anglican tradition in 1973, he was confirmed in 1981 and served as Anglican Student Warden at Nkhota-kota Secondary School where he was also Deputy Head Boy.

Selected to Malawi Polytechnic to study engineering, he withdrew in the second year to seek ordained ministry. He was well known for his religious Chichewa poetry recitals at youth gatherings while studying at the Polytechnic. He enrolled at Zomba Theological College and graduated in 1993, ordained as a deacon and served at All Saints in Thyolo district. He was ordained priest in 1994 at St. Paul's Cathedral in Blantyre. Following his theological training, Bishop Kalemba graduated from Chancellor College with a BA in theology and served at Ndirande, Likwenu and Balaka parishes. He received a masters in theological research from Durham University in 2000. He became the Bishop's Chaplain in 2001 where he worked at the diocesan center and as rector for South Lunzu Parish in Blantyre.

In 2005, Bishop Kalemba became the founding dean of the Anglican Council of the Malawi Theological College and was named a Canon at St. Paul's the same year. He later sered as a member of the Mission and Evangelism department of Malawi Council of Churches and served twice as chair of the Pastor's Fraternals in Blantyre and as chair of the Board of Theological Studies for the University of Malawi.

Bishop Kalemba is married to Mercy Chikonda and they have two daughters, Mphatso and Alinane. Mercy is a teacher and holds an education degree from the University of Malawi.

In the summer of 2009, Seminarians Eric Hungerford and Stephen Kidd launched a unique storytelling project in Central Africa with a grant from the Evangelical Education Society of the Episcopal Church.

Ways to Engage in Partnership with the Diocese of Southern Malawi

Pen Pal Project

A pilot project for Episcopal schools in the Diocese of Texas to learn more about, and communicate with, the children of Malawi. Six schools will be selected in this diocese to learn about Malawi, while at the same time writing to corresponding schools in the Diocese of Southern Malawi. This project will be educational as well as relational.


Circle of Prayer
The partnership of the Diocese of Southern Malawi and the Diocese of Texas provides an opportunity for people to share their life of prayer.


Warm Heart International is sponsoring a third pilgrimage to Malawi, Africa, for up to sixteen people. Join an experience that will change your understanding of the world, yourself, your community and God. For more information or to donate click here

Love’s Harvest
Love’s Harvest works to alleviate hunger in Southern Malawi and is in its second year of operation. The mission is to help Malawi’s rural poor grow the food they need through four key concepts: micro-grants, sustainability, education and communication. Love’s Harvest also provides startup capital for small businesses in permaculture, agriculture and animal husbandry.




Bishop Andy Doyle visited the Diocese of Southern Malawi in August 2011.


Water for Malawi 
The "Water for Malawi" project raises funds and awareness for clean and safe drinking water for the rural poor in Malawi. Since 2007, Warm Heart International has raised more than $60,000, installed a wind-powered well in the village of Mindanti, and currently is installing two additional wells in Malawi parish and in Shire parish. Both support a church, rectory and active community. For more information or to donate click here


Malaria is a major health problem in Malawi. NetsforLife® distributes life-saving nets and trains people in Malawi on awareness and prevention.


Simple Gifts for Orphan Care 
Parents and grandparents are dying daily from the ravages of HIV/AIDS, leaving little family structure for the surviving children. "Simple Gifts for Orphan Care" raises funds and awareness for orphan care projects in Malawi. For more information or to donate click here