MF - Missions: Santa Maria Virgen

MF - Missions: Santa Maria Virgen

MF - Missions: Santa Maria Virgen

MF - Missions: Santa Maria Virgen

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Uriel Osnaya-Jimenez, Vicar
9600 Huntington Place Drive Houston, Texas  77099


M12-10         $68,000
24.5% of total budget

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Our mission is to build the Kingdom of God with the help of the power of Almighty God, the love of Jesus Christ and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is best accomplished through excellence and fidelity in the worship, Christian Education, Pastoral Care, Evangelism, Administration and Community Outreach.


We serve 900+ members, reflecting the rich diversity of the Hispanics. We offer one service on Wednesday and three services on Sunday with a monthly healing service. Christian Education is at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., and a Youth Program is at 8:45a.m. Our own leadership development through workshops and training during the year has helped us to grow and serve a Christian community with just one priest. The Christian Education and Music program and the Daughters of the King chapter are assets to our growth. We have maintained our worship attendance and increased in pledges. We are serving the community through Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS) and The Metropolitan Organization(TMO), an organization of institutions dedicated to developing power and leadership among citizens who are usually excluded from major decisions that affect their lives.


Santa Maria Virgen is now well known in our community through the social services that we offer in cooperation with ECHOS and the participation in the different activities and workshops through TMO. Our Church is the center for meetings and activities with the Alief Neighborhood for Healthcare, Housing, Public Safety, Education Workforce and Immigration. We support a humane immigration reform. Our church has been advertised through the Hispanic TV networks.


We have the following goals:

  • To continue working with the plan “Growing towards Parish Status in Financial Terms”
  • To continue serving the community through our monthly “Fair Food” and TMO workshops
  • To continue increasing the leaders’ participation in the life of the church
  • To increase our pledges
In 2012, we will pay off our mortgage. We are already planning the building of our “parish hall.” 


Funds will be used towards clergy compensation.


Operating Revenues

All Funding from the Diocese of Texas $68,000
Funding from Other Sources  $141,500
Major Event Revenue  $55,000
Total Operating Revenue  $264,500

Operating Expenses
Salaries & Benefits – Clergy  $77,806
Salaries & Benefits – Lay $25,000
 Administrative (printing, postage, marketing, supplies, etc.) $20,000
Property (rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.) $68,500
Ministry/Program $16,000
Other Miscellaneous Expenses $57,194
 Total Operating Expenses $264,500