Post Hurricane Wellness

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Seminary of the Southwest and EDOT will provide a Sunday (or two) of preaching respite for storm area clergy. Volunteer faculty, students, and other clergy are available and eager to preach in impacted parishes. A week without sermon preparation can be balm for the soul. Request help here.

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Statistics reveal long term post-disaster damage to physical health and relationships among clergy. The information linked below offers wisdom about how not to join these statistics. Additionally, EDOT regularly hosts Clergy Wellness Circles, wherein clergy can be intentional about their own wellness in the safe setting of a short term small group. Contact Canon Carol Petty to participate or request information.

Support for Harvey-Impacted Clergy/Parishes

Clergy Conference, Oct 23-25:  On Monday and Tuesday during lunch (location TBA) a team of licensed therapists will address post-disaster dynamics that may impact your parishioners and/or your own family.   On Tuesday, bi-lingual therapists will be present.  After lunch each day, therapists will be available for 45-minute one-on-one consultations in English or Spanish. 

Clergy Family R&R:

EDOT and Camp Allen invite Harvey-Impacted Clergy and their families to enjoy a few days of post-Christmas R&R. Beginning with lunch on Thursday, Dec. 28 through lunch on Saturday, Dec. 30, Camp Allen’s extraordinary staff will provide family activities, including trail rides, crafts, smores, etc.  along with Camp Allen’s best gift: peace and quiet. On Friday morning, clergy and their spouses may participate in a facilitated conversation about clergy life, while the children enjoy some kids-only activities. Register Online 

Clergy wellness resources for self-care post disaster:

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Disaster - Self Care
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