School Safeguarding

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The Episcopal schools in the Diocese of Texas serve over 11,000 children and their families with enriching programs from Pre-K through High School. It is the mission of the Diocese to ensure that our schools are healthy, safe environments in which children can learn, grow and thrive.

Information for Heads of Schools:

Heads of Schools are responsible for ensuring compliance with Safeguarding Policies. Below are some helpful resources for creating safe environments in your school.

Heads of School FAQs and Links  Safeguarding Team Structure  Safeguarding Policies  Handbook and Directory of Schools 2017-2018

Training Only - School Agreement:

Heads of School may streamline the certification process for school employees (paid staff and teachers) with the "Training Only" option in SRS. Please read through the annual agreement to determine if this option is right for your school. Simply complete the annual agreement below and return it to the Safeguarding Office to sign up.

SRS Training Only Letter & Agreement 2018-2019 Academic Year

Who Needs to be Certified in Safeguarding God's Children?

  • All Paid Employees
  • Adult Volunteers
  • Contracted Service Providers and Charters  (Ex: Kidventure)

Who Needs to be Certified in Safeguarding God's People?

  • Heads of School
  • Board Members
  • Others as requested by Head of School

Who Needs Safeguarding in the Workplace - Harassment Prevention?

  • All Paid Employees - This training is available online via the Safeguarding website (see link below). It is a 5 minute video and policy review. If you have any questions on how to record the trainings in SRS, please contact Marty Brickley; Manager of Certifications.

Workplace - Harassment Prevention Training