Seasonal Curricula and Resources

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The word Advent means “coming.” It is a time to slow down, be quiet and meditate about the real meaning of Christmas. These four weeks before Christmas are a time to prepare our hearts and our lives as we wait for the coming of Jesus. We focus on the promise that God made to his people and how that promise was fulfilled in Jesus.

About the Season of Advent Keeping Advent at Home
Advent Conspiracy Lectionary Readings Year C
Daily Devotions (audio) Podcast and Sermons


Wreath Prayers
The Christmas Pledge



Epiphany Resources


What is Epiphany? video 




The word “Lent” comes from the Anglo- Saxon word “lencten” the time of the year when days grow longer. The season begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on the Saturday before Easter (Holy Saturday.) The period of Lent covers 40 days excluding Sundays since every Sunday is a “little Easter.” We are reminded of Jesus’ forty days spent in the wilderness and the temptation by Satan before Jesus began his ministry.

Lent Curriculum   
Curriculum Resources
Lent Resources


The Great Fifty Days
Easter Resources
Tips for a Meaningful Easter


What is Pentecost? Video

The Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi Curriculum

Fall Curriculum
Late Pentecost Resources
Pentecost Resources All Saint's Video