SRA Resources

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SRA Trainings & Recommendation Forms:

SRA Trainings are available for individuals and groups. To coordinate registration for an upcoming training, please contact the Safeguarding Office.

Below, find the SRA Recommendation form and Safeguarding Coordinator (SC) form. All parishes and schools are encouraged to have a SC in addition to a SRA. Having a Safeguarding Teams helps to develop an environment of safety and wellness.

Safeguarding Team Structure

Safeguarding Administrative Change Form

Safeguarding Coordinator

SRA Recommendation

SRS Recertification Tracks

Background Check Questions?
Background checks in SRS are processed by First Advantage. The base price is $11.00 each. Other fee's for out of state records and a $0.25 social security verification fee will be in addition to the base price.

Safeguarding Interview and Reference Questions?
SRS Interview & Reference Questions

Need a Credit Check or Driving Record? 
If you need to pull a credit check or driving record, access the Credit Check and Driving Record Request Form.

Need help explaining SRS to Applicants?  
3 Steps to Safeguarding Certification

Need a copy of the Vendor Agreement?
Vendors - SRS Training Only Annual Agreement

Preparing for a Bishop's Visit?
Complete a Safeguarding Certification Annual Status Report for Churches or Missions and submit it to the Safeguarding Office.

Need support from the Safeguarding Office?
Safeguarding Contacts

Join us for the next Online SRA Talk - Tuesday, September 19 @ 11am. Contact: Katherine Muhlenbruch for more information.