Report on Bastrop from the Rev. Ken Kesselus

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Retired priest, the Rev. Ken Kesselus, called us recently with an update. Kesselus lives in Bastrop and once served as rector of Calvary Episcopal. 


At last report, the fire in Bastrop is 70 percent contained, but alert is still high as temperatures continue to soar. Kesselus estimated that before the fire is completely destroyed, it will take out 2,000 homes. 


"I heard one reporter say 'Its hell on earth here,' and I'd say thats correct," Kesselus said. "But we have almost no loss of life, lots of people have insurance, and life is not hopeless."


Kesselus serves on the Bastrop city council and noted that if the fire has come just a little bit closer to the main area of town, the entire city could have been destroyed.


"If the wind had shifted just a little bit, a town of 70,000 people would have been wiped out," he said. "Everyone is pulling together. The federal people are here, and they are a big help. We have wonderful fire fighters, and everything you would imagine Americans would do, we are doing."



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