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This script, produced by Jamie Martin-Currie and Jay Sidebotham, can be performed around your church campus (inside and out) during the Sunday morning Easter sermon(s) or anytime during the Easter season. This short walk (approximately 20 minutes) may be performed with one rehearsal, with locations determined based on your setting. Groups (children led by adult or youth ‘shepherds’) visit each location and hear a first person account of Jesus’ appearance.


An Easter autograph book (included for duplication) is given to each child before the walk begins. An adult (or youth, who can also take any of the cast roles) leads the crowd or groups of children as they walk to the various stations. The group stays together the entire walk. Afterwards the cast signs the participant’s autograph books on the page of their character. Usually the actor portraying Jesus signs “Always with you.”


Cast: (6+): Angel, Mary, Jesus, Cleopas, Disciple, Thomas
Time length: 20+ minutes
Age levels: Youth and adults


6 Page play with extra pages for an autograph book.


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