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163rd Council Approves Bishop Suffragan Election

Written by Carol E. Barnwell on

Clergy and elected representatives of the Diocese of Texas, gathered in Bryan, TX, February 10-11, approved the election of a bishop suffragan scheduled for June 2, 2012. Bishop Griselda Delgado, Bishop of Cuba, was the guest preacher at Friday's opening Eucharist. Bishop C. Andrew Doyle...

Bishop's 2012 Council Presentation

Written by The Rt. Rev. Andy Doyle on

Let me begin by giving thanks for the presence of our bishops: Bishops Payne, Benitez, and High. I am grateful for their leadership and support. I am also grateful for the partnership in this ministry and the friendship that I have with Bishop Harrison. It remains a privilege and joy to do this...

The Founding of Historically Black Episcopal Colleges

Written by Commission on Black Ministry on

In 1865, The Episcopal Church’s General Convention organized the Protestant Episcopal Freedman’s Commission (renamed the Commission of Home Missions to Colored People in 1868), to establish schools in the South that would provide higher education and religious instruction to African Americans...

From Texas to Tanzania: Hospitals Link Up

Written by Anglican Communion Staff on

Senior management and medical officers from St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System Houston and Baylor College of Medicine will visit the hospital of the Diocese of Morogoro in Berega at the end of February.


12...73747576777879808182 ... 8990