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Oct 16, 2015 | Mirsa Sanxhaku

A Right of Passage


Being a third grader at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School is a bit of a “big deal.” Not only do our third graders have a new amazing teacher this year, Mrs. Kim Vetter, but recently they had  the  pleasure  of  experiencing  St.  Thomas’,  so-­‐called,   “right  of  passage”-­‐-­‐  going  to  Camp  Allen in Navasota, Texas.


Camp Allen is an annual, three-­‐day trip that is open to our third through fifth grade students. Those  that  participated  departed  Wednesday  morning  and  returned  Friday  afternoon.  The  excitement in the hallway as students, teachers, and parents got ready for the hour-­‐and-­‐a-­‐half road trip was palpable and intoxicating, with good reason. While getting to the cabins at Camp Allen  is  a  bit  of  a  hike,  the  days  there  are  filled  with  fun  activities  like  horseback  riding,  archery, building forts, canoeing, playing gaga ball and making s’mores.


As  I  interviewed  the  students  from  the  different  grades,  they  each  enthusiastically  shared  their stories with me. However, the excitement of the third grade class could not be contained. They eagerly talked over each other, trying to recall details of their experiences, while at the same time making me wish that I, too, were once again in third grade, and this time around, at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School. Luckily, the third and fourth grade students will have the  opportunity  to  experience  this  fun  trip  again  next  year.  The  same  cannot  be  said  of  the  fifth grade class that will be graduating and moving on to middle school. However, as all things go, they will pass on the torch to those that anxiously await their turn. Second graders, you have something amazing to look forward to next year. Lucky you.