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Dec 06, 2011 | EDOT Staff

Austin Church Embraces Graffiti to Raise Awareness


Graffiti 1
View of St. David's after the first week
Graffiti 2
Thu Ley Wah works on the second week's graffiti

St. David’s, Austin, is taking a new approach to entering the Christmas season. Church leaders have commissioned a high school parishioner to “tag” the outside of the Church with graffiti each of the four Advent weeks leading to Christmas. What started on the retaining wall in front of the church, will wrap around the side making the on-going message visible to all in the downtown area during this season.


“The first day it was up, the Rangers came to ask us if we were vandalized,” said David Boyd, Rector. “We told them that we weren’t, but the fact they noticed is exactly what we want. Everyone from our coffee shop customers to the mailman want to know what this is all about.”


The first message read "Light is home in you," and it was painted by parishioner Thu Ley Wah, a senior in high school. Wah was born in Mae la refugee camp in 1993, and now attends Garza High School in Austin after transferring from International High School.


St. David’s is participating in a program that is aimed at heightening spiritual awareness this time of year. The theme, “Light Interrupts”, is intended to interrupt everyday life and is being supported with a daily blog called Light Interrupts, which is authored by another parishioner, Janet Davis. 


The first entry explained the vision to followers:


When light first enters darkness, we often respond with blinks and squints. We can’t quite see clearly. So, if you are a bit uncomfortable, blinking and squinting, questioning and wondering what in the world might be next, congratulations! You have now entered a holy space of transformation also known as the season of Advent, a moment in time when God interrupts ordinary time with extraordinary Light and hope.


Davis is the author of two books on spirituality, along with a third book soon to be released in Spring 2012, My Own Worst Enemy: How to Stop Holding Yourself Back


Within days of the site being launched, it was viewed 1,500 times with hundreds of those viewers connecting through Facebook users who re-posted the link.


“Not everyone was comfortable with the idea of us spray painting the wall around the Church,” said the Rev. Billy Tweedie. “But not everyone is comfortable with talking about God or Jesus, and that’s the point: To start the conversation.”


To learn more, visit the blog here.