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Mar 10, 2014 | EDOT Staff

Austin Episcopalians Embrace SXSW

Arlo Guthrie performs in Bethell Hall at SXSW 2012

As Austin becomes the center of American cultural experiences for SXSW, Episcopalians in Austin plan to capitalize on the opportunity to blend art and spirituality with a spirit of Texas hospitality.


St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin will once again host musicians, March 12-15, for the annual SXSW music and cultural festival. Artists are invited to play in St. David's historic sanctuary and Bethell Hall for four nights during the event. Click here to see a list of performances.


Critics have heaped praise on the unique ambiance that St. David's offers to the bustling music scene:



"Josh Rosenthal, founder of folk label Tompkins Square, didn't want his acts being shouted down in Austin, so he hosted his label's showcase at St. David's Episcopal Church. Compared with the jostling rock-and-roll hordes two blocks down the hill on East Sixth Street, the setting felt magically serene."
 -The Washington Post, 2013

"Those looking for some respite after chasing the next big thing would be advised to take a detour; it's really quiet in there, the beer's cheap, and there wasn't a chattering hipster or suspendered would-be troubadour to be found."
- The Los Angeles Times, 2013


If you make it to SXSW this year, be sure to stop by St. David's, grab some food and drinks and enjoy a special musical performance.


Also, don't miss the panel discussion, "Still Can't Find Your Way Home?" featuring Episcopalians the Rev. Merril Wade of St. Matthew's, Austin, and Dr. Greg Garrett of St. David's, Austin. Wade hosts the weekly Soul of a Musician Series in northwest Austin as part of a collaboration between Spicewood Tavern and St. Matthew's. Garrett is a Baylor University professor and the author or co-author of more than 20 books. He is a regular contributer to Patheos and The Huffington Post on topics relating to culture, religion and politics. The panel discussion also features singer/songwriter Patrice Pike and the renowned Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu. Don't miss this panel on Friday, March 14 at 12:30 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center, Room 15.


If the SXSW crowds aren't your thing, try visiting Actually Unplugged, a concert series presented by The Front Porch at All Saints', Austin, on March 13 at 6 p.m.


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