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May 31, 2011

Boston's Common Cathedral Featured in Fifth Vitality Video

Transforming Churches - Ecclesia Ministries Common Cathedral, Boston from The Episcopal Church. The fifth installment of thriving churches throughout the country.


[ENS] Boston’s Common Cathedral doesn’t have walls or stained glass windows, but the vistas that it provides are unparalleled.


“Common Cathedral is name of the Ecclesia ministries’ worshipping community, which is primarily a ministry among the homeless in Boston Common,” explained the Rev. Bob Honeychurch, Episcopal Church Officer for Congregational Vitality. “It was founded in 1995 in response to the pressing need to provide services to the homeless in downtown Boston.”


Common Cathedral, in the Diocese of Massachusetts, is the focus of the final of five videos in the groundbreaking series, Transforming Churches, Changing the World. Produced by the Episcopal Church Office of Communication, the video is available on the home page of the Episcopal Church website , the Congregational Vitality page and on the Church’s Facebook page


Familiar sites of historic Boston are juxtaposed with images of homeless gathered against the cold to celebrate Eucharist. “We are the church outside,” the Rev. Kathy McAdams explains in the video. “We are here in solidarity with people who can’t or won’t come inside.”


Honeychurch stated: “There are so many congregations across the church that struggle on how to connect with their community.  Here, Common Cathedral IS the wider community.  There is a sense of groundedness in the immediate community, and that is something that many churches can learn. Common Cathedral is the least traditional of the churches in the Transforming Churches, Changing the World series, but they are the most intentionally present in their local community.” 


Transforming Churches, Changing the World

The purpose of the Transforming Churches, Changing the World video project is to present identifying characteristics of healthy churches with a focus on ministry and outreach.


Previous videos of Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA (Diocese of Pennsylvania), Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix AZ (Diocese of Arizona), St Paul & the Redeemer, Chicago, IL (Diocese of Chicago), and St. Jude Wantagh, NY (Diocese of Long Island) are available here: