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Dec 07, 2011

Cathedral's Rhythms of Grace Makes Television News

Fox 26 Houston recently reported on Christ Church Cathedral's Rhythms of Grace worship service for special needs children. The news station ran a story, and then interviewed the Rev. Jimmy Grace and Lisa Puccio. See the videos and story below:


'Rhythms of Grace' for Special-Needs Familes:


'Rhythms of Grace' for Special-Needs Familes:



In the basement beneath a cathedral rich in religious tradition, you will find a "rhythm of grace".


Gathered in a single room are families with autistic children -- kids for whom the noise and structure of most church services is simply intolerable.


The fallout when disabled kids act out is too often banishment of children who can't help how God made them.


"The preacher, he actually called me at home and told me our son wasn't welcome at church anymore," said Ginnie Muller of a church she and her family once attended.


Meeting the need of these "unserved" has become a crusade at Houston's Episcopal Christ Church Cathedral where the first Sunday of each month you will find a truly gentle brand of religious instruction, custom crafted for kids who, through no fault of their own, see and interpret this world differently.

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