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Jan 30, 2012

Christmas in Captivity: Pakistan Church Ministers to Christian Prisoners

Peshawar Prison(Via the  Frontier News) - The Diocese of Peshawar in Pakistan organized a special Christmas program in the Central Jail of Peshawar for the Christian prisoners. The Bishop of Peshawar, Rt. Rev. Humphrey S. Peters, the Prison Chaplain, Rev. Rasheed Nazir, along with other priests and a good number of people from local Christian community visited the Peshawar Jail on December 24.


A Holy Communion Service was conducted for the people in captivity. After the Worship Service, a Christmas cake cutting ceremony was also held, led by the Bishop. In a fellowship lunch arranged by the Diocese, the Bishop and his team listened to the problems and issues faced by the prisoners and assured them of their support.


The special Christmas gifts for the prisoners were a source of happiness for them. They were very thankful to the Bishop and the Diocese for remembering them and celebrating Christmas with them.


The Prison Ministry of Peshawar Diocese provides moral and legal support to the Christian prisoners in Peshawar and other jails of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.