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Apr 07, 2016

Churches Sow Seeds of Hope by the Bucket

St. George's, Texas City, and St. Christopher, League City, recently stumbled upon an idea to spread seeds of nutrition awareness and skill at gardening to the wider community. Members assembled buckets, donated from bakeries at grocery stores and other locations, drilled holes in the bottom, added a bag of soil, seeds, instructions and a prayer, and distributed through the Galveston Food Bank. There was an absolute RUN on these "Buckets of Hope," so much so that Bucket-Brigades are now being formed to do more. Walmart has already donated 1000s of seeds.


The Rev. Viktoria Gotting, rector at St. John’s, LaPorte, joined the project because the children in their after school program are affected by food insecurities and could benefit greatly from learning to grow their own vegetables and learn about organic nutrition.  


Pictured to the left is a "seed gift" of HOPE, presented by the Rev. Robin Reeves, rector of St. George's. She included a message of HOPE, which Reeves calls a "message of defiance to a world in need," soon to be posted in the church's foyer. St. John’s Senior Warden, Charlie Niemeyer, immediately procured buckets from the local Shipley's as well as some soil to start St. John's down the garden path.


“Sow (!), what can you do?,” Gotting asked her congregation. “Collect FOOD GRADE buckets, donate potting soil and stand ready to assemble ‘Buckets of Hope.’ This is a huge opportunity for ministry, especially with our sister parishes,” Gotting said.