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May 26, 2011

Diocese of West Missouri Responds to Joplin Tornado

In the wake of the deadly Joplin tornado, the Diocese of West Missouri is working to help the families affected by the storm. Bishop Martin Field plans to remain in Joplin this week and celebrate the Eucharist at St. Phillip's, Joplin. The Rev. Frank Sierra, rector of St. Phillips, is working to help parishioners and other community members put their lives back together. 


According to their website, "Through the efforts of the Bishop together with Sierra and the Rev. Wilson, an inter-faith service is being planned for Monday, May 30, Memorial Day at St. Philip’s, on the 8th Day after the tornado at 6:00 p.m., the approximate time the tornado struck."


"People were just wandering around, dazed and confused. There were wires strewn everywhere and just plain devastation," Sierra told the Episcopal News Service. 


Bishop Field reported the following information: 126 confirmed death, many missing; the area of destruction covers 18,000 acres; over 8,000 structures were either totally destroyed or significantly damaged.


To donate directly to the Diocese of West Missouri, visit their website at The diocese is also looking for volunteer help. Contact West Missouri Archdeacon John McCann for more information.