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Oct 31, 2011 | Luke Blount

Episcopalians and Brewery Team Up to Raise $3,000 for Fire Victims

Wildfire Relief Fundraiser 2 Wildfire Relief Fundraiser 4


The Episcopal Wildfire Relief Fundraiser at Karbach Brewery raised $3,011 last Thursday. Organized by the Rev. James Derkits of St. Mark's Between the Bayous, the event featured three musical performances, food donated by Chapell Hill Sausage, and beer donated by Karbach Brewery.


The successful affair marked the first public event at Karbach Brewery, which recently opened in Northwest Houston. Derkits' own band, Tuesday's Casserole, opened up the show, followed by musician John Price, and then 3DM. Tuesday's Casserole features Derkits, the Rev. Kevin Schubert of St. George's, Austin, and the Rev. Billy Tweedie of the Episcopal Student Center in Waco. 3DM is led by the Rev. Patrick Hall of Holy Spirit, Houston.


"This will make a lasting difference in Diocese of Texas Outreach and in the rebuilding of Bastrop and other areas where the wildfires devastated the Texas," Derkits said. 


After the success of this event, there are preliminary plans for a future, similar event in November. Keep an eye on EDOT news for updates on where to donate and volunteer. Visit


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