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Jul 13, 2018 | Anglikaner | Austin

"Let's make America good and loving again!"

Recently, [The Episcopal Church’s Presiding] Bishop Michael Curry gave an impressive sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. His message, "Love is the way," touched millions around the world.

This week, Curry and his fellow believers took up several hot irons at their 79th General Convention in Austin, Texas.  The head of the US Episcopal Church, one of the oldest [denominations] in the United States is concerned, among other things, with immigration, environmental protection and arms control. Church members will meet until Friday [and consider] 400 resolutions. 

The topic of migration is affecting the minds of the US as well as the Episcopal community. During the meeting, various draft resolutions were summarized in three decisive opinions. They concern family divisions in deportation camps, refugee cities for illegal immigrants, and the dignity of immigrants in the face of national procedures that, in the view of the bishops, violate the values of the church. Curry and more than 1,000 Episcopalians drove on Sunday with 19 buses directly from the synod to the deportation camp in Hutto, Texas [to hold a public prayer meeting]. 

For the approximately 500 women housed in the camp, this was a great moment. In common worship, Curry preached the message of Jesus, "Love your neighbor," quoted Martin Luther King and the beatified Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero. Finally, calling for the well-known Trump slogan, "Let us make America great again by making America good, kind, just, loving!" Participant Jess Chapin was moved: "Even if we just gave some hope and affirmation, this is wonderful."