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Mar 11, 2016 | C. Andrew Doyle

Letter from Bishop Doyle After His Surgery

Dear Friends,


First, let me say thank you on behalf of JoAnne, the girls, and myself for the many prayers and good wishes over these last two weeks prior to and following my surgery.


Thank you for the beautiful cards and special notes in which you shared the importance of our future ministry together. Also thank you for the food and the flowers which have sustained us over these last couple of weeks.


My surgery went well Thursday March 3. I was housebound for the first week and only able to walk a little bit with the goal of health. I have a lot of work to do to return healthy and hit the ground running.


I was cleared on Friday March 11 for more activity. My pathology came back and they believe the cancer was contained. No further treatment at this time is required and I begin a quarterly visit for follow up.


Let me say that I was fully prepared for the surgery and upon waking so very grateful for the many gifts that I have in my life. I have the love of my family, I love the amazing churches and clergy of the diocese of Texas, I love my colleagues in the house of bishops and in the diocesan office. As we look to the next chapter of our ministry together I am humbled with the knowledge that we get to continue our common journey together. Therefore it is with eyes on our future that I continue to rest well and prepare for the work that is before us.


I will return to the office after Easter and the beginning of April.


Finally, thank you for your kindness, friendship, and shared ministry. We have a good diocese together and we are blessed to serve God here in this place.


The Rt. Rev. C Andrew Doyle

Episcopal Diocese of Texas