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May 30, 2012 | Luke Blount

Magazine Articles Now Online and in Your Mailbox

Diolog June IssueThe newest edition of our quarterly magazine, Diolog: The Texas Episcopalian, should reach the homes of roughly 30,000 families this week. But in the meantime, readers can also read selected articles online from the communications page at


The Diocese of Texas will be posting some of our favorite stories from current and past editions of Diolog. Just visit and look under the Magazine Articles header. The complete electronic version of Diolog is available here. Past issues can be viewed online as well.


The June issue of Diolog focuses on the theme of How the Light Gets In. 


"In this issue are a number of articles that examine how people have responded to crises and how they have experienced grace and extraordinary generosity from others who have helped them begin to recover and move forward," said Diolog editor Carol E. Barnwell. "Crises and natural disasters can be defined by what they reveal, in us and in others. When something significant is lost, many times it paves the way for profound change."


Magazine Articles 


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