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Sep 13, 2011 | Bob Biehl

Moving Forward to Reach Our Goals

The Mission Funding process remains the primary way that we as a Diocese engage in shared outreach. In response to the objectives outlined in the Diocesan-wide visioning work done with Bishop Doyle, the 2012 catalog is somewhat different from prior catalogs. Most strikingly the catalog is an online digital format to increase availability, reduce costs and preserve the environment. But more importantly the Mission Funding Opportunities Catalog has been restructured and reformatted to better align with the priorities of the Diocese.


The Missionary Asking for 2012 is sufficient only to fund the ministries' requests for the coming year. As it did last year, the Executive Board set the 2012 Asking at what is required to actually fund ministries ($3,911,543), not the larger amount calculated by the budgetary formula. For this reason, it is imperative that all congregations prayerfully consider the amount of their response to the Missionary Asking. Any shortfall in the response will necessitate a cutback in the ministry that we all support.


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