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Aug 02, 2017

New Book Reflects on Scripture and Social Justice Issues

The Social Justice Bible Challenge: A 40 Day Bible Challenge, aims to bridge the gap between knowing the Bible and living it, and will appeal to those seeking to deeply engaged in scripture, and connect their compassion to God's Word.

“To be faithful followers of Christ is to dive deeply into the scripture and prayer, seeking and receiving personal salvation,” editor and Episcopal priest Marek Zabriskie explains in the book’s introduction. He continues, “And to be faithful followers of Christ requires us to love our neighbor and to strike down injustices. To weight one more heavily than the other throws the gospel out of balance.”

Featuring 40 days of reflections by spiritual leaders and writers from around the world, The Social Justice Bible Challenge is an extension of The Bible Challenge, a global initiative to encourage daily engagement with scripture and exploration of the Word of God.

Disciples wishing to spend more time engaging the Bible on topics from poverty, hunger, displacement, and the care of widows and orphans will have their cups filled over and over again by the words of Scripture and meditations from people across the Church who engage with these realities each and every day. 

Writers include; Sally Bingham, Jamie Callaway, Adrian Cardenas-Torres, Jenny Te Paa Daniel, Glenn N. Davies, Frank T. Griswold, Mary. M Higbee, Angela S. Ifill, Mike Kinman, Robert V. Lee III, Nurya Love Parish, Robert W. Radtke, Austin K. Rios, Winnie Varghese, and many more.

The Social Justice Bible Challenge is now available at or by phone at 800-543-1813. The e-book is also available on Kindle, Nook and iTunes.