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Apr 18, 2012 | Luke Blount

NPR, New York TImes Profile Episcopal Musician Kat Edmonson

Kat EdmonsonNPR recently profiled local Episcopal musician Kat Edmonson after the release of her new album "Way Down Low." Edmonson grew up in the Diocese of Texas and is still a member at St. John the Divine, Houston. Her mother, Sue Edmonson, is the associate to database services at the Diocesan Center in Houston.


NPR interviewed Edmonson for "All Things Considered" (listen here), and she will appear on the call-in show "On Point" on Thursday, April 19 at 10 a.m. central time.


The New York Times also profiled Edmonson, stating:


Kat Edmonson has a honeyed, light-gauge, faintly crinkly singing voice, an instrument of self-containment and reflection. Don’t let its modest embroidery mislead you. On “Way Down Low,” her second self-released album, Ms. Edmonson presents a vision of her art that’s almost steely in its resolve, with an equal foothold in jazz, cabaret and vintage cosmopolitanism pop. Fresh as a spring bouquet, it’s also a purposeful introduction to Ms. Edmonson the songwriter, intuitive about melody and handy with a turn of phrase.



Download "Way Down Low" on Amazon or iTunes.




A lot of the songs on Kat Edmonson's new album, Way Down Low, have a timeless sound, due in part to her own timeless-sounding voice. But she isn't above revealing her influences: The song "Champagne," she admits, was crafted with a particular American songsmith in mind.

"I was trying to write a song like Cole Porter," Edmonson tells NPR's Melissa Block. "Me and a million other people are trying to write a song like Cole Porter."

A Texas native, the 28-year-old Edmonson began composing music at a young age.

"The first song that I remember writing in its entirety was when I was 9 years old," Edmonson says. "I wrote it on a bus, on a field trip. It was called 'Mystery Man,' and in retrospect, it was the beginning of my exploration of what it was like to have a man in your life, because I didn't. I grew up with my mom; it was just the two of us. Although I was writing from the perspective of that being a boyfriend, it had very much to do with my father."

Sing a song about a mystery man

When God made him, I think he had a plan

to fool all the girls like he did me

Never did ask him to leave me be

Oh, why'd he go away?

Mystery man, come back to me someday


Click here to read more from and listen to Edmonson's tracks.