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Feb 10, 2011

Publication of the Week

The Anglican Communion has a series of international self-funding networks that help profile various areas of interest in the Anglican world at large. One of these is the Anglican Health Network.

Its website describes it as: "The Anglican Health Network (AHN) aims to facilitate communication and cooperation between Anglicans who are providing health services around the world. It will provide forums to share experience and best practice, and manage donor and insurance programs to deDEVr new investment. In this endeavour it also seeks to make connections with its healing ministries to encourage a more holistic approach to well being."

The latest newsletter, out today at contains articles including:

  • From Houston to Karakonam: A gift of medical equipment
  • Creative approaches to Health Mission in Ghana
  • Medical support for Haiti: News from the Diocese of Alabama
  • The AHN Facebook launch