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May 05, 2011

Resurrection, Austin, Goes "Green" to make "Green"

Resurrectin, Austin, Green

(r-l) Valerie Stockton, Brian McElligott,

Shawn Oujezsdky, the Rev. James V. Stockton

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection (ECR); in an effort to be a more responsible steward of nature, found an opportunity to combine being “green” with making some “green” offering for sale five of its established Live Oaks for transplant.


While developing Phase One of ECR’s plan to update and beautify the buildings, grounds and to expand parking facilities leaders realized that five of the live oaks on the campus would have to be cut down.  


With the support of the rector, the Rev.  Jim Stockton, vestry members Shawn Oujezdsky and Brian McElligott, and planning committee co chairs Mike Paulsen and Jon Ellis put things in place.  Requests were sent to landscape architects and firms state wide.  Negotiations are underway to save the trees from just being cut down.  Valerie Stockton, also a vestry member, is making sure any animals displaced are relocated to an Austin area wildlife refuge center. 


Oujezdsky hopes the effort will set a good example for trees doomed by expansion or development, locally and nationally.


The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection of central Austin was established in 1953 and continues to administer to its members and to service the wider community at 2200 Justin Lane in Austin, Texas.  


Photo cap: (r-l) Valerie Stockton, Brian McElligott, Shawn Oujezsdky and the Rev. James V. Stockton