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Dec 02, 2011 | Luke Blount

St. David's, Austin, Welcomes Advent with... Graffiti?

light interrupts blog


On the first Sunday of Advent, St. David's parishioners were welcomed by graffiti on one of the outside walls of the church. The graffiti read "Light is home in you," and it was painted by parishioner Thu Ley Wah, a senior in high school.


Wah was born in Mae la refugee camp in 1993, and now attends Garza High School after transferring from International High School.


The Advent theme is accompanied by a new blog for the season called Light Interrupts, which is authored by another parishioner, Janet Davis.


"When light first enters darkness, we often respond with blinks and squints," reads the blog. "We can’t quite see clearly. We hope this site will be a holy space of transformation for you, a moment in time when God interrupts ordinary time with extraordinary Light and hope."


Davis is the author of two books on spirituality, along with a third book soon to be released in Spring 2012, My Own Worst Enemy: How to Stop Holding Yourself Back.


To learn more, visit the blog here.