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Oct 17, 2011 | EDOT Staff

St. David's Blesses Home for Refugee Family

Karen Family 4

Laurie Eiserloh, Way Nai and
the Rev. David Boyd

Karen Family 2
St. David's house blessing
Karen Family 5
The Book of Common Prayer 
translated into the Karen Language 

St. David's, Austin, recently blessed the home of the Nai family, a Karen refugee family who were relocated to Austin by the United Nations. The Karen are originally from Burma and many have been forced out of their country into refugee camps in Thailand.


The Nai family has been in the US for about three years and have saved enough from their jobs as housekeepers in a hotel to purchase a small home. When they first arrived, the family spoke little English. They attended an Anglican church in Thailand, but had trouble finding the American counterpart, since the church is called Episcopal instead of Anglican.


"Wah Nai's Aunt, Elma Moo, was a Sunday school teacher back in the refugee camps," said Laurie Eiserloh, who attended the blessing. "In some frustration, she asked to see a picture book of vestments and was able to find the Episcopal church by pointing out the vestments. I don't know who suggested St. David's to them."


When they found their way to St. David's, the family was waiting on food stamps and did not have reliable transportation. Several families from St. David's welcomed them and helped them gain their footing. 


Now, the family regularly attends St. David's and has their very own, blessed home. 


"It's amazing accomplishment for a family from a refugee camp," Eiserloh said.