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Oct 26, 2011

St. David's Dr. Greg Garrett to Preach on "Day 1"

Dr. Greg Garrett, author of several critically acclaimed novels and religious nonfiction books, is the featured preacher Nov. 20 on “Day 1” with host Peter Wallace, the nationally syndicated ecumenical radio program also accessible online at


Garrett has taught creative writing, literature, film, and theology at Baylor University in Waco, Tex., for the past 20 years. He is also writer-in-residence at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, where he earned his master of divinity degree, and is a licensed lay preacher based at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin, Tex.


Garrett’s nonfiction works include “The Gospel According to Hollywood,” “One Fine Potion” on Harry Potter, and “Holy Superheroes.” His latest book is “The Other Jesus: Rejecting a Religion of Fear for the God of Love.” He is also the author of two memoirs: “Crossing Myself,” which deals with his battle with depression, and “No Idea: Entrusting Your Journey to a God Who Knows.” He has written three critically acclaimed novels, “Free Bird,” “Cycling,” and “Shame.”


Garrett’s sermon airs on the last Sunday in the liturgical year when many churches celebrate the feast day of Christ the King. Based on Matthew 25:31-46, it is entitled “If Christ Is King, What Does That Mean?”


“If you think the question is, ‘Am I going to Heaven? Will I be saved? Am I a sheep or a goat?’ Matthew suggests that you have missed the point,” he says. “Maybe the question rightly asked is not, ‘What happens at the end of things?’ but more like, ‘What am I supposed to be doing right now? What does Jesus want me to do? To be? How will my life be different if Christ is King?’”


The program includes interviews with Garrett conducted by Wallace, who is also executive producer.


“Day 1” has been broadcast every week for 66 years, formerly as “The Protestant Hour.” It is currently distributed to more than 200 radio stations across America and overseas. “Day 1” is produced by the Alliance for Christian Media in cooperation with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the United Church of Christ, the United Methodist Church, and other mainline denominations.