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Mar 07, 2012 | Joy Hilley

St. Francis Seventh Graders Bring Medieval Royalty to Life

On Friday, March 23, 2012, royalty will visit St. Francis Episcopal Day School and preside over the annual seventh-grade St. Francis Medieval Feast. Kings and queens from all of the Memorial villages, as well as guest royalty from neighboring countries, will feast alongside knights, squires and various merchants. Jesters will entertain and beggars are sure to ask for alms and food. Various members of the clergy will also be in attendance.


The St. Francis Medieval Feast is a culmination of the seventh-grade history class' study of medieval times and cultures around the world. Led by seventh-grade history teacher Gregory Urbani, the students select characters to portray during the feast and research their characters extensively so they can not only don appropriate costumes for the event but also understand what it would have been like to live as their character in the Middle Ages.


In addition to taking on the roles of courtiers and peasants for the day, the students will attend a church service presented in Latin by the Pope, enjoy authentic medieval fare in St. Francis' Parish Hall-turned-castle, watch a minstrel show, and participate in trebuchet demonstrations.