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Feb 24, 2017

St. James' Offers Free Legal Help to Immigrants

Proyecto Santiago, at St. James’ Episcopal Church, Austin, is offering pro bono assistance to immigrant parents who wish to prepare a power of attorney for a relative in case the parents are deported. The power of attorney allows a relative to have custody of minor children in such a case so that they are not turned over to a state agency. Proyecto Santiago is even doing this for immigrants with legal status because they sometimes get swept up in immigration raids as well. There is nothing worse for children to come home from school to find their parents have been deported, or to be left waiting at the school door for a parent who cannot pick them up. Proyecto Santiago will also assist families to prepare a written emergency plan for such an event, hoping, of course, it never occurs. The group is looking for attorneys who will help pro bono as well. They have the necessary forms and all it requires is a little bit of time to make an enormous difference in the lives of a family. Please contact Jim Harrington,   or call him at 512.926.6339 extension 1.