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May 24, 2011 | Luke Blount

St. Luke’s Purchases Car for Tornado Victims, Needs Help

Tornado3“I’m gonna beat this drum until I’ve put a hole in it,” said St. Luke’s on the Lake, Austin, Junior Warden Allen Griswold as he searched for donations for tornado victims. Over the past three weeks, Griswold has been the delivery man for St. Luke’s relief efforts in Mississippi, almost 800 miles away.


The church has donated cash and goods that were delivered on two separate trips in May. St. Luke’s raised enough money to purchase a replacement car for the Smithville, MS high school driver’s education program that was destroyed in the twister. But families in Smithville and other small communities are still in need of supplies.


“There is a massive need there,” Griswold said. “It’s massive. I don’t know how else to describe it. They were shocked to see that I actually came back. These people are certain that everyone is going to forget about them, but I’m determined not to let that happen.”


Griswold is seeking a few thousand dollars to purchase maintenance equipment for the high school, and he is searching for someone with a connection to some type of temporary structure where local church leaders can office. The Baptist and Church of Christ ministries service the Smithville area, and they are currently working out of the same building, trying put their community back together.


If anyone has a connection to a portable trailer or mobile home that could be used by one of the churches in Smithville, please contact Griswold at 512.470.2923.  Or if you would like to donate cash, checks, or goods to the efforts contact St. Luke’s at 512.266.2455 or visit their website for an updated needs list at Read previous reports here.


The Diocese of Texas is sending spiritual care workers to Tupelo and Smithville on the morning of Friday May 27 to help survivors recover. Read more here.