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Mar 30, 2011

St. Paul's Day School, Waco, Give Uniforms to Ugandan Orphanage

Like many schools, St. Paul's Episcopal Day School, Waco, changed their uniforms recently. However, instead of the old uniforms becoming lost in closets around Waco, St. Paul's organized a drive to donate the used clothes to an orphanage in Uganda.


Several churches in the Waco community support the orphanage with money or volunteers. Melinda Sucheki, who has three children attending school at St. Paul's, heard of the need for clothes and volunteered to start a collection drive for the used uniforms. 


After visiting the orphanage, Cathy Pleitz, of Highland Baptist Church, Waco, spoke to St. Paul's, showing the students pictures of the children in Uganda and telling about her time there as the collection drive was under way.


The African children have now received the uniforms. Check out the photos of the Ugandan children wearing the St. Paul's attire.


Trinity School, Austin is also planning a similar donation. They are changing uniforms at the end of this school year and collecting the old ones to send to a school in Kenya, run by the grandmother of two Trinity students.