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Oct 17, 2017

St. Stephen’s Juniors Lend Support to Local Nonprofits

After taking the PSAT the morning of Oct. 11, members of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School’s Class of 2019, along with numerous faculty and staff, volunteered their time at five nonprofit organizations across Austin. The juniors were led by Kathy Coe, dean of 9th–11th grade students, who organized the outings.

The students’ community service activities included work for the following organizations:

  • Blunn Creek Nature Preserve: Students worked on two projects: invasive species management and wildfire preparedness. The first group of students cleared hundreds of Ligustrum from the area. The second group removed large Ligustrum trunks and then raked the debris to spread it out.
  • Community First! Village (Mobile Loaves and Fishes): Students helped spice up the village for the holidays. They took holiday lights out of storage, checked the quality of the bulbs and then strung the lights around area. 
  • Creative Action: Students cut paper and packed supplies for children's art project kits.
  • West Cave Preserve: Spartans worked on two group projects. The first group removed invasive plant species from the native grass prairie; the second group removed the invasive grass species from the edge of the grassland.
  • Wild Basin Preserve: Students cleared the mile loop path of rocks and other debris to make it safe for pedestrian traffic.

St. Stephen’s students received rave reviews from the organizations they supported. “As always, the group was so courteous, focused and fun to talk with,” said Christie Jean-Jacques of Creative Action. “They ran with every project I brought in the room, including supply prep for large community events coming up and interactive performances in the classroom.

“I especially enjoyed a conversation with some of the student-athletes about the nature of creativity,” Jean Jacques added. “It was a great discussion.”