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Aug 03, 2011 | EDOT Staff

Submit Your Photos for EDOT Project

In the late spring of 2012, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas plans to launch a new initiative that will encourage congregations to get to know one another and help Episcopalians learn to share their stories of faith.


For several years, a program sponsored by Interfaith Ministries in Houston, called Amazing Faiths, has brought together people of different faiths around a simple meal to answer questions about their experience with God. The question were printed on cards with photos depicting people of different faiths. Bishop Andy Doyle recently convened a task force to design similar questions for Episcopalians.


In the spring, small groups of 8-12 people will gather in homes across the diocese for a simple meal and to share their faith experiences using the prepared question cards as starters. Each host home will also have a trained facilitator to keep the group focused and ensure conversation around these questions of faith. Interested participants will be able to sign up online to be hosts, facilitators and participants and the logistics of assigning people to a home in their area will be handled by the diocese.



To complete the cards on which the questions will be printed, the diocese is seeking these things:


  1. a photo of you that represents you the best (not just a headshot)
  2. a 2-3 word description of you (see example cards below)
  3. a single sentence about your faith and journey (not a paragraph or page)


The deadline is Janaury 14, 2011.  SHARING YOUR STORY OF FAITH ONLINE