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Feb 09, 2016

Ten Youth Delegates Named to 2016 Diocesan Youth Presence

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas’ formation office names ten youth delegates for the Diocesan Youth Presence (DYP) at the 2016 Diocesan Council in The Woodlands, TX. Each youth delegate takes this responsibility seriously by undergoing a nomination and application process. After appointed, the delegates attended an intensive two-day council orientation that educated them over proposed amendments, resolutions and nominations. This displays that selected delegates are mature in their faith and duty to the diocese. Currently, confirmed youth in good standing 11-18 years old have seat and voice at Council. If the delegation passes this amendment, the youth will truly be equal members of the church.” Jamie Martin Currie

Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh

Elise Ford

Nettie Bryant

Kailey Cambron

Rebecca Davis

Madelyn Holle

Ursula Carr

Mary Dodson

Joyous Njoku

Celine Okwusogu

Sponsors Jamie Martin Currie and the Rev. William Fowler