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Sep 23, 2015

Wellness and Care Focus of New Ministry


The Diocese of Texas has established a Ministry for Wellness and Care to provide a wide range of resources for its clergy, their families and for its many parish communities.  The Rev. Canon Carol Petty, who oversees Safe Church Ministries, has worked with a group of clergy and lay leaders for the past year in order to identify needed resources and to develop others. All are gathered online and are easily accessible.


Visit Wellness and Care on the diocesan website to find specific ministries and materials clergy and clergy families, as well as resources for congregational wellness and care. Wellness and Care can point you in the right direction if you: want a care calendar for pastoral care in your parish; if you’re clergy and you need information about sabbatical leave; if you are a clergy spouse and want to learn more about other clergy spouses; if you are concerned about a family member’s problem drinking; if you want to introduce some healthy-living changes into your lifestyle. 


These resources are available now, more will be added to respond to these and other issues as they become available. Safe Church Ministries will continue to include training for prevention of child sexual abuse, and exploitation and harassment of adults. Both ministries are based in the Austin Diocesan Center, overseen by Petty.