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May 30, 2015

Youth Throw Extraordinary Prom for Special Needs Neighbors

The youth group of St. Andrew’s, Pearland, recently held its fourth annual Extraordinary Prom for special needs high school students and young adults in the area. Participants were greeted by paparazzi and escorted down the red carpet before enjoying dinner and an evening of dancing, games and more photos.


"Hosting the Prom has been an experience to learn something about myself and to have a different perspective of everyone around me," said Kailey Cambron. "It's awesome to dance the night away with special needs kids who have no inhibition.  They dance with joy!"


Alyssa Morton, agreed. "Just feeling the energy in the room brought a smile to my face," she said.


Cam Walker, "The only disability in life is a bad attitude.  So glad I had the opportunity to put a smile on Miss Katie's face. She is such an amazing young woman!"


Many of the special needs young adults have aged out of high school and this event is one of the few times they get to catch up with their friends. There was much excitement as the guests arrive--lots of cheering and hugs.   St. Andrew’s youth and the adults who assist have befriended many of the guests and can't wait to dance and take photos together.


The guests’ parents complement their hosts and appreciated how engaged they were. One parent was grateful to Alex, from St. Andrew’s for playing Connect Four with her daughter. “She loves to come, but isn't into dancing,” the parent said, expressing thanks to the youth for showing such patience and enthusiasm for their guests.


Many of the youth say this is their favorite outreach event. Many invited their friends from school to help host the Prom. There is a sense of pride and ownership. “It's right in their wheelhouse to show Gods love by throwing a great party--especially one you get to do the cupid shuffle, boot scoot boogie and limbo,” said Jenn Neitzey.