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Yes, Jesus Loves Me: 31 Love Stories

To share a moment along the path of another's spiritual journey is a gift. To see the stories illuminated by encounters with the divine, both ordinary and profound, shows us that their stories are our stories. 


Yes, Jesus Loves Me opens a window into the hearts of women who have been touched by Christ along their path. Similar moments and encounters with the living Christ in our own lives are clarified by their 31 love stories. 


The woman at the well was transformed by her encounter with Jesus and shared the experience with others, who then came to see Him for themselves. 


Through the 31 love stories in this book, we see faith deepen. We witness the power of forgiveness. We are reassured of God's presence and love. We are inspired and encouraged. The verses before each story form a footbridge over which we step into the heart of another woman whom we meet only briefly before hearing of her personal encounter. 


Just as the woman at the well shared her story, so the authors share theirs. Each is evidence that we are God's people, that we are ever in His hands and that Yes, Jesus Loves Me.


Yes, Jesus Loves Me: 31 Love Stories , is a compilation of stories shared by 31 women of varied ages, ethnic backgrounds, and religious orientation who tell of the experiences that brought them into the personal knowledge of God's love. It is a book for anyone who has the desire to know God’s love in a more personal and intimate way.



Kathy Hood Culmer, editor of this collection, is a graduate of Spelman College and the University of South Florida. Culmer is a teacher and writer. Additionally, she is a professional storyteller; thus the stories were a natural medium for personal discovery and for conveying truth to others. Culmer, who was baptized and grew up in Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Griffin, Georgia, is currently a member of St. James Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. She and her husband, John, have three daughters and one granddaughter. They reside in Houston, Texas.



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