Annual Reporting

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An Introductory Message from Bishop Doyle

Starting in January 2020 in conjunction with the Annual Parochial Reports, the Diocese of Texas will begin requesting additional information from all congregations. Similar to the reporting of Christmas attendance, the diocese will begin asking for average weekly worship attendance, total visitors, first time visitors, and retained visitors. While the average weekly worship attendance number can be obtained via your service registers, the visitor counts will require potentially new tracking for your church beginning January 1, 2020.

These new metrics will be submitted annually beginning with the 2020 parochial reports. In addition, there will be some one-time census data taken during the span of the next year that will help us to track and refine shared diocesan goals.

Helpful Resources to Track New Metrics

Interested in Joining a Visitor Welcoming Cohort?

If you want to join with other congregations to learn about best practices around welcoming visitors, please contact Stephanie Townes with the Mission Amplification Team.

The first Visitor Welcome Cohort will kick off February 29, 2020 for the Northwest Convocation at St. Joseph's in Salado. Contact Stephanie Townes to join this cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I track visitors?
    Visitor tracking is best done through an intentional welcome of visitors, using laypersons (staff and/or volunteers) with the gift of hospitality to engage them and make notes. Your current ushers may or may not be best positioned to do this. Counting may also be done with the use of visitor cards.
  • Who counts as a visitor?
    There is flexibility in this area, so long as you are consistent. Long-time attendees who are not members would not be visitors. We suggest counting people as visitors until they have been attending for approximately six months. The metric to be reported is total visitors, so some visitors will be reported multiple times. This is fine.
  • Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
    The Mission Amplification Team can help you with additional questions you may have.
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