The Fertile Ground Project

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The Fertile Ground Project is a workshop designed to introduce new ideas, theories and skills to clergy and laity in order to create more inclusive communities.

The Fertile Ground Project: 8 CEUs for the Diocese of Texas. This popular workshop is designed to introduce us to new ideas, theories and skills in order to help us build more diverse communities.

Rooted in the Gospel, The Fertile Ground Project helps us to affirm our individual cultures and helps us to positively engage another person’s culture. Participants will find that this workshop addresses many complexities facing the church today with grace and respect.

The Fertile Ground Project addresses issues surrounding cultural sensitivity, power struggles, differences in communication styles and other areas that affect how we relate to one another. It also helps us to engage in healthier conversations so we can listen and speak with one another more effectively. This workshop is a shorter version of the Kaleidoscope Institute’s cultural competency training developed by The Rev. Dr. Eric Law, an Episcopal priest.

The Fertile Ground Project invites you to come learn how to build a more diverse and inclusive community that achieves a healthier balance of power, communication, respect and authenticity....and fun with one another in the process!

Course Schedule: 

Fee: The workshop is free to anyone in the Diocese of Texas.

To register click here or for more information Jill Lutz  or call 713.353.2107

For more information please contact Denise Trevino or call 713.353.2115.

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