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EDOT Council

EDOT Council

EDOT Council

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Diocesan Council is the annual business meeting of the diocese held every February.

The 170th Council
Thursday evening, February 21- Saturday, February 23
The Woodlands Marriott Hotel and Convention Center

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  • Council Documents

  • Nomination Slate

    • 2019 Council Nominations & Appointments

      Secretary of the Diocese

      The Rev. Canon John A. Logan, Jr., Christ Church Cathedral, Houston
      I have served as Diocesan Secretary with four of the nine bishops of Texas. It's the kind of experience that is helped if you have a lot of resilience and a good sense of humor. I think I still have both and would enjoy the opportunity to continue serving in this capacity.



      Linda Riley Mitchell, Trinity, Houston
      I am blessed with the rich, diverse experience in working for corporations, government and entities in educational, housing and employment programs across Illinois. I enjoy applying that knowledge to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and our outreach mission to 152 churches and surrounding communities. 

      Standing Committee Clergy

      The Rev. Meredith Crigler, Trinity, Baytown
      Ordained through the Diocese of Texas in 2010, I have served in a variety of communities and capacities: directing summer sessions at Camp Allen, chairing the board that oversees our diocesan companion relationships, participating on the finance committee of the Episcopal Foundation and mentoring clergy through Backstory Preaching. Grounded in prayer and soaked in Scripture, I am well versed in the mission of our Diocese and am no stranger to tough decisions within complicated systems. I would bring to the Standing Committee thoughtful insight, radical candor and joyful energy. 

      The Rev. Ed Gómez, St. Paul's, Houston
      As a candidate for the standing committee, I feel I offer a seasoned perspective in very diverse areas of our church. It is important for the bishop to have in his counsel varying perspectives and backgrounds to make the most informed decisions. My work and ministry experiences have led me to work in highly sensitive, deeply pastoral, confidential, business and legal matters. I feel I have a well balanced sense of judgement and fairness. I am certified in public participation and engagement and trained as a negotiator at Harvard Law School. With these trainings, along with serving in mission churches, large resourced parishes, college ministries and serving as Executive Director for El Buen Samaritano for many years, I feel I bring a good mix of ministry experience and executive leadership. While we walk by faith and not by sight, we must always rely on holy wisdom to guide us.

      The Rev. Jason Ingalls, Holy Spirit, Waco
      The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the Bishop. I would offer three unique perspectives to the Committee’s work: a theological passion for spiritual growth and maturity, discernment, and mission; deep awareness of the concerns of newly ordained clergy in the Diocese; and a history of and desire to create mission networks across theological and political difference in the Diocese of Texas and the wider Episcopal Church. We are called to become and share Jesus’ good news in all of our communities. On the Standing Committee, I want to support this, our common work.

      Standing Committee (Lay, need to elect 1)

      Vyonne Carter-Johnson, Grace, Houston
      I am grateful for the rich experiences of my story.  My relationship to God, self and others has deepened through a lifetime of embracing my vocation, pursuing professional and spiritual education, and committing myself to discipleship.  Each day I am a stronger Christian, spouse, mother, advocate and leader by God’s grace.  My journey has begun moving outward to a deeper awareness and call to a broader ministry through music, diocesan events and the VGEC Board.  It would be my honor to serve on the Standing Committee of this Diocese, offering my experience, knowledge, and commitment to seeing God’s mission fulfilled through the Church.

      Gwendolyn Chance, St. James', Austin
      I submit my name as a nominee lay representative to the Standing Committee because of my long history of working with many seminarians (especially the Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel who went on to become the Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia, WA).  I have been an Episcopalian since graduation from college and a member of St. James’, Austin since 1986 and elected to the vestry three times over the years.  I am currently serving on the EDOT Search Committee for a Suffragan Bishop and as Co-Chair for the Transition Election Committee.  I am also an active member of the recently founded Pauli Murray Scholarship Committee in partnership with the Seminary of the Southwest.

      Ellen Eby, Holy Comforter Episcopal, Angleton
      The responsibilities of the Standing Committee require discernment, thoughtfulness and potentially hours of hard work.  A number of opportunities have prepared me to take this next step in leadership: a BS degree in behavioral sciences from the University of Houston, Clear Lake; 34 years of marriage plus three amazing children; 27 years teaching high school English and psychology; seven years as school board member for Holy Comforter, Angleton; vestry member; senior warden turned ecclesiastical authority after our former priest moved; helped start and manage Peach Street Farmers Market, three years on the EDOT Executive Board.  I would appreciate your vote.

      Executive Board (Clergy, need to elect 2)

      The Rev. Steven Balke, St. Stephen's, Beaumont
      Volunteering is about living into my Baptismal Covenant. At times I’ve lived on the margins of society. I didn’t always have someone advocate for me, take the time to teach or nurture me, or reach out to dwell with me. In the Church I found people who share the bread that God gives them, who seek and serve all persons, and who strive for justice and peace and dignity. Longing to give to the Church that gives me so much, serving on the Executive Board is a way to participate in God’s mission for others in the world like me.

      The Rev. Angela Maria Cortiñas, St. Thomas, College Station
      I was asked to submit an application for the Diocesan Executive Board by a colleague.  I had not thought about it prior to being asked and prayerfully considered what I could bring to the table.  I believe that I bring a unique perspective to the board with both my ministerial background as well as my prior experience in Information Management within the corporate/healthcare world.  I also believe that my Hispanic/Latina roots will bring diversity to the diocesan Executive Board. Thank you for your consideration. 

      The Rev. Stephen Spicer, Christ Church, Eagle Lake
      Often, I find myself delving deeper into the communities I serve, whether it is my local community, food pantry, Lions Club or Girl Scouts. I’ve been in this Diocese for five years starting as a curate at Trinity, Houston. Currently, I am the rector of Christ Church, Eagle Lake, a small church about an hour west of Houston. I am proud to be in this Diocese, which offers each of us the opportunity to partake in its life as a part of Christ’s life. I would be greatly honored to serve you and this Diocese on the Executive Board. 

      The Rev. Justin Yawn, Christ Episcopal, Temple
      In my eight years of ordained ministry, I had the privilege to minister in several dioceses.  I have participated actively on Diocesan Council in the Diocese of Florida and on the Honey Creek Commission in the Diocese of Georgia. I believe I’ve had a broad range of experience in the life and ministry of the Church that I can use as a member of Executive Board to support the wonderful work we are doing together in the Diocese of Texas.  I believe in the vision of the Diocese and want to collaborate with other leaders to achieve that vision. 

      Executive Board (Lay, need to elect 3)

      Philip W. Berrie, Emmanuel, Houston
      Since being received into the Episcopal church 30 years ago, I have had the opportunity to serve in every facet of parish life, both in worship (Eucharistic Minister, Altar Guild, choir) and in administration (Senior and Junior Warden, Safeguarding Administrator & Trainer), to name a few.  Most recently, I’ve been blessed to be able to help guide Emmanuel through a rector search and our recovery from Hurricane Harvey.  Today, I feel the call to share that experience through service on the Executive Board. 

      Duane A. DuPont, St. James, Houston
      As a life-long member of St. James’ Houston, I am passionate about connecting people to God through everyday life. I have had the honor and privilege to serve in various capacities of the church, such as acolyte, vestry and currently in the outreach and audio/visual ministries. I am a proud native Houstonian, Greater Third Ward Historic District, dedicated to community empowerment through servanthood in community organizations such as The Metropolitan Organization and the Riverside Terrace Civic Club. I graduated from Jack Yates High School and attended Texas Southern University, majoring in Administration of Justice with a minor in Psychology. It was at TSU that I discovered a passion for law and social activism, later creating companies in media and the legal field. I spend my free time cooking, fishing and with family.

      Carvel Glenn, St. Stephen’s, Houston
      The Episcopal Church has for 22 years lit my spirituality, a gift which deserves a return gift.  I would like to serve on the Executive Board in this era of change and renewal. I am an architect. Planning and building has been my life.  I bring an open and questioning mind and ask for the chance to apply this to the Executive Board. At St. Stephen’s, Houston, I have served on the Vestry, as Senior Warden during a rector search, and on its Endowment board.  At the Diocese, I served on the Quin Foundation Board for six years and am now on the Board of the Episcopal Foundation.  On both boards, I have been active in the Strategic Mission Grant Committee.  In 2018, I served on the Search Committee for the Bishop Suffragan.  I appreciate your support.

      Clark Moore, Grace, Georgetown
      I love Joshua’s bold proclamation, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:15, NKJV). Leading and working with non-profits has been my vocation. I especially enjoy working with others of different backgrounds who are called to assist in our mission.  Serving on the Executive Board provides an opportunity to serve our mission here in the Diocese. It would be my honor and pleasure to serve if elected. 

      Erin Puckett McClure, St. David's, Austin
      My early formation came through this Diocese via Camp Allen, Happening, my own parish and a healthy dose of pop culture. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to explore and learn with people as a parish youth minister, in the diocesan formation office, as a children’s and youth ministry volunteer and as a parent. These days I’m a full-time parent who enjoys sharing life over coffee and breakfast tacos, overblown craft projects and good Instagram captions. I am excited about the work of the Diocese not only within our churches but also in our communities.

      Sandra Montes, Trinity, Midtown
      I am the Spanish Language Resource Consultant at Episcopal Church Foundation. I was born in Perú, grew up in Guatemala and settled in Texas. My passions are God, family (especially my son), music, education, and writing and I have been hoping and praying for this position for years. I have developed original bilingual resources for my church, school and others for years, volunteered and worked in the Episcopal Church since 1986, and serve as musician, translator, speaker, consultant and writer. I earned a doctorate in education in 2016 and am a full-time freelance consultant and musician.

      Trustee of the Church Corporation (Lay or clergy, elect 1)

      Peter Boyd, Christ Church, Tyler
      I have been a member of the Diocese of Texas since my baptism as a child.  I grew up in Houston, attended college in Austin, and lived in Tyler for 35 years, so believe I have a unique grasp on the fabric of the Diocese. Further, as a commercial lender, I enjoy reviewing financial terms for Church projects focusing on structure and terms to facilitate success. My being a Trustee of the Church Corporation has been a pleasure, and I would be proud to continue my service on this Board. 

      Mark S. Browning, St. Andrews, Bryan
      My professional career of 29 years, first in bank trust management and later in higher education, has been in the role of a fiduciary.  It is the understanding of the responsibilities of a fiduciary and the experience of managing property for the benefit of others that I bring to the table. I feel called to share my gifts and talents in this area for the benefit of the Diocese, if elected. I am a toddler (not cradle!) Episcopalian married to Nancy who works with C.A.S.A. in the Brazos Valley and we have raised three children.

      Trustee of the University of the South (Lay, elect 1)

      William C. (Bill) Montgomery III, St. Martin's, Houston
      My wife and I fell in love with Sewanee while our daughter was a student there from 2012-2016. We were thrilled when our youngest daughter also decided to attend (graduating in 2022). We are firm believers in the value of a liberal arts education. The ability to obtain this education in such an idyllic environment under Episcopal stewardship is a gift that should be protected and enhanced. It would be my honor to use whatever gifts I have to help this great institution.

      Ben Okoh, St. James’, Houston
      I am a cradle Episcopalian and an active member of St James’, Houston. I studied at Howard University, Washington, D.C., where I earned a Bachelor of Science (Summa cum Laude) in Chemical Engineering (1974).  I also earned a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston (1975) and have had a career in the oil and gas industry that has spanned 40 years. I am a licensed Lay Preacher, after completing an 18-month Lay Preacher Track program at the Diocese of Texas’ Iona School for Ministry. If elected, I would offer many years of experience that include critical thinking, dedication, and managerial skills.

  • FAQs/Preguntas Frecuentes

  • 170th Council Schedule & Worship Booklet

  • Electronic Voting

    • All voting will be done electronically using smartphones, tablets and laptops. Wi-Fi access will be provided to each delegate, but electricity will not be. Before you register people, you will need to know if delegates can bring their own mobile device or will need to borrow one. If your alternates do not plan to share a device with your delegates, you will need to count them also. The online registration form will ask how many devices the Diocese will need to provide for those not able to bring their own. 


  • Diocesan Youth Delegates

    • Serving as a youth delegate is a great opportunity for young people interested in government. Nominations and applications are now being accepted for the 2019 diocesan council in The Woodlands February 21 - 23. One student from each convocation will be selected to be a representative during the business meeting on February 23. Nominations and applications are due October 31.

  • Parking

    • Free Parking is available in the hotel garage (Shared with Cynthia Woods Pavillion). Park on 4th floor of garage and take the sky bridge over Six Pines Dr. to the 2nd floor of hotel, then take the escalator down to the hotel lobby.

      DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From I-45 N, take exit 76B to merge onto Woodlands Pkwy. Turn right onto Six Pines Drive. The Parking garage will be on the left and the hotel will be on the right.

      DRIVING DIRECTIONS From I-45 S: Take exit 76 and stay on the feeder. Exit right Lake Woodlands Dr. Then turn left onto Six Pines Drive. The Parking garage will be on the right and the hotel will be on the left.

      Click here to download this information. 

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