Council Nominations

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The Committee for Nominations met on November 17, 2011 at Camp Allen. With prayerful consideration and seeking a diverse list of nominees, we are pleased to place in nomination the following names:


Treasurer of the Diocese – elect 1                                  

    Robert John Biehl Diocese of Texas


Secretary of the Diocese – elect 1                                  

    John A. Logan, Jr. Diocese of Texas


Standing Committee, Lay – elect 1                                 

    Moira Mathews Trinity, Baytown

    Kaye Pendarvis St. James, Houston

    Nancy Springer-Baldwin St. Michael’s, Austin

    Robert B. Sterk Grace, Georgetown


Standing Committee, Clergy – elect 1                            

    Morgan Allen Good Shepherd, Austin

     Howard Castleberry Christ Church, Temple

    James Derkits St. Mark’s, Houston

    Genevieve Razim Trinity, Woodlands


Executive Board, Lay – elect 3            

     DeAnna Bosch Trinity, Houston

     Norma Gagliano St. Francis, Tyler

     Robert Massad Grace, Georgetown

     S. Wayne Mathis Grace, Alvin    

     Clayton K. Trier St. Martin’s, Houston

     Mary Wentworth St. Paul’s, Waco


Executive Board, Clergy – elect 2       

     Patsy Barham St. Matthew’s, Henderson

     Patrick Hall Holy Spirit, Houston    

     John M. Himes Trinity, Marshall

     Rhoda Montgomery St. Thomas, College Station

     Ralph Bayer Morgan Christ Church, Eagle Lake

     Darrel Proffitt Holy Apostles, Katy


Trustee of the Church Corporation – elect 1                 

      Helen L. Toombs Palmer Memorial, Houston


Trustee of the University of the South, Lay – elect 1   

    Seth Hinkley Christ Church Cathedral, Houston  

     Sandra Wilkens St. Martin’s, Houston



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