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The Committee for Nominations met on November 17, 2011 at Camp Allen. With prayerful consideration and seeking a diverse list of nominees, we are pleased to place in nomination the following names:

TREASURER OF THE DIOCESE – ELECT 1                      

Robert John Biehl |  Diocese of Texas
I have just completed my 11th year on the Diocesan staff. I am a CPA and graduated from TCU with a BBA in accounting in 1972. My experience includes public accounting, controllership, personal financial planning and 18 years as a Trust Officer with Bank of America where I was Trust Officer to the Diocese and its Foundations for almost 10 years. I have been married to Marilyn for 33 years and have one daughter.  


John A. Logan, Jr. | Diocese of Texas
My previous service includesCanon to the Ordinary; canon andsubdean at Christ Church Cathedral,Houston; associate rectorat Good Shepherd, Austin; vicarof St. Timothy’s, Waco and staffchaplain and board member at St. Luke’s EpiscopalHospital. I received my bachelor’s and law degreesfrom The University of Texas, Austin and divinity degreefrom Virginia Theological Seminary. I currentlyserve as the Secretary of the Diocese of Texas andwould be honored to continue.  



Moira Mathews | Trinity, Baytown

I was baptized in the Anglican church in Australia as an infant and confirmed as a youth. After moving to the US and joining the Episcopal Church, the Holy Spirit called me to serve as a lector, worship leader and parish administrator. I have a deep and abiding love for our church and believe that my faith, combined with the gifts given me by the Spirit would qualify me to serve in this position.

Kaye Pendarvis | St. James, Houston

I have served in various leadership roles professionally and as a lay person within our diocese. My desire to serve on the Standing Committee is driven by my wish to share my gifts and talents to assist our Bishop and the Episcopal church in our commitment to growth and the discernment of God’s call for our future. 

Nancy Springer-Baldwin | St. Michael’s, Austin

As a member of the Standing Committee, I would strive to give thoughtful, prayerful and insightful counsel. My experience within the Episcopal Church include lay reader, vestry member, junior warden, seminary graduate and trustee, lay ministry coordinator (All Saints’, Austin), and administrator at Seminary of the Southwest since 1993. I would be honored to serve the Diocese of Texas.

Robert B. Sterk | Grace, Georgetown

My dedication to the Episcopal Church began in 1969 while I was a student at Southwestern University. I have served wherever I have lived, balancing church interests with my family life and professional career in commercial real estate appraisal and market analysis. My formal education (including EfM), altar ministries, Stephen Ministry, and vestry service (Junior/Senior Warden/Head of Congregation, Finance Council, Search Committees) are the offerings I bring to our diocese and Christ’s Church.



Morgan Allen | Good Shepherd, Austin

Having served for the last six years as an officer on the Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church and on the Legislative Committee on Structure at General Convention, I believe I have practical experience to offer the work of the Standing Committee. Moreover, I enjoy informing my perspective with the fulfilling work of serving as a parish priest, as well as my most treasured role as the father of two young children.

Howard Castleberry | Christ Church, Nacogdoches

I am committed to the unity and diversity of this diocese, which I dearly love. My years of experience in both the media and business worlds offer me a perspective that I pray will be helpful to the Bishop and those on the Standing Committee. I look forward to working with him in any capacity he sees fit, and with the Commission on Ministry in the consent of postulants for ordination.

James Derkits | St. Mark’s, Houston

Formed by lifelong participation in our church in Texas, I now serve as Priest-Missioner of St. Mark’s, Houston, including Between-the-Bayous, a unique evangelistic mission. My diocesan work on the Liturgical Commission and the Greenfield Commission connects me to the core of our identity and new opportunities into which the Holy Spirit leads us. Jesus calls us into courageous leadership in the church and in our communities; I hope to help make that call a reality.  

Genevieve Razim | Trinity, Woodlands

I grew up in this great diocese, spent summers at Camp Allen, and through the years have called parishes in Lake Jackson, Austin, and Houston home. My desire to serve on the Standing Committee is grounded in the love I have for the diocese and her people. As a member of the Standing Committee, I will be a prayerful listener and my decisions will be informed by Scripture, tradition, and reason.  


DeAnna Bosch | Trinity, Houston

Having faithfully and joyfully served my parish in finance, worship, and outreach, I am prepared and feel called to serve at the diocesan level. My deep finance and business systems experience (corporate and non-profit) likewise equips me to contribute significantly to our mission.  I am employed by the Emergency Aid Coalition, an interfaith outreach non-profit, and I serve on the Board of Directors for several non-profits.  My husband and I are members of Trinity, Houston.

Norma Gagliano | St. Francis, Tyler

I became an Episcopalian as a college student; my first visit to an Episcopal church told me this was
where I belonged. Forty-five years later, I still feel this is where I belong. My service to the church in various capacities has been a joy. It is an honor to be considered for this position and I believe my experiences as a member of a smaller parish would let me contribute from that unique perspective.

Robert Massad | Grace, Georgetown

I currently serve as my church’s Stewardship Council chair and Finance Council member. While living in Dallas, my service included Executive Director of the Episcopal Foundation, Chair of the Ministry on Aging, Real Estate Chair, a member of the Executive Council, search committees member, stewardship chair, senior warden and vestry member. My prayer is to faithfully serve the Diocese of Texas and its Bishops in their work in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

S. Wayne Mathis | Grace, Alvin  

It is an exciting time to be Episcopalian.  There are many ways to share the Episcopal faith and I want to be a part of taking the Diocese of Texas boldly into the future.  I have extensive experience at the parish level and have worked hard to put my faith into action while serving the community. I believe God Loves Us ALL and will work for the full inclusion of all baptized believers.

Clayton K. Trier | St. Martin’s, Houston

I am humbled to have been nominated to serve as a member of the Diocesan Executive Board. If it is the will of God, working through our Diocesan Council, that I be elected, I will bring to bear all my skills and experience from a highly successful business career and in service on other volunteer / charity boards to be a faithful and effective resource for my Bishop and Diocese.

Mary Wentworth | St. Paul’s, Waco

I have worked with Episcopal Relief and Development and was a representative for the Mission Funding Catalog. I have served on the vestry and been a representative to Council. I am optimistic for the future of the Episcopal Church. I believe the Executive Board can best forecast the future issues of the church so we can see a long and healthy communion ahead of us… and I’d like to be in on setting the course.



Patsy BarhamPatsy Barham | St. Matthew’s, Henderson

I am a pioneer. As I listen, God calls me to break new ground in partnership with Him. I look forward to the task. The experiences, confidences and trust shown me lead me to believe that I can be of value with those who serve on the Executive Board. It would be an honor to lend time, talent and energy that God so generously gives to a position should this trust extend to me.

Patrick Hall | Holy Spirit, Houston

The Rev. Patrick M. Hall was ordained a priest in January of 2008. He currently serves as the Missioner to Rice University. Patrick is also a singer-songwriter. He can often be found playing shows at coffee shops and bars of questionable reputation across Houston. Patrick also writes other pieces and against their better judgment, occasionally people publish them. He also likes to publish cynical witticisms on the Twitter, via internet technology.

John M. Himes | Trinity, Marshall

I am Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church and School in Marshall and have served at churches in Houston and Temple and as a chaplain at Scott & White Hospital in Temple. I am the Minister-General for the Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion, an international religious order of the Anglican Communion. I currently serve on the Quin Foundation Board and the Greenfield Commission. 

Rhoda Montgomery | St. Thomas, College Station

It’s likely that when a person sees the words “executive board” the first reaction might not be to scream “sign me up!”  The work of the executive board mirrors that of a vestry or non-profit board, and so at first glance such work may seem tedious. However, upon deeper reflection I absolutely see service on this board as an opportunity to guide the mission of this Diocese---a mission that is very exciting!

Ralph Bayer Morgan | Christ Church, Eagle Lake

I am rector of Christ Church, Eagle Lake.  I have been active in EDOT for 25+ years:  Assistant at St. Dunstan’s Houston, Lord of the Streets Board, Happening Spiritual Director, Cursillo Spiritual Director, Camp Allen Advisory Committee and Summer Camp Director; Youth Minister, and Headmaster.  I love this Diocese and the Church (the Church is the people) and would feel honored to serve on the Executive Board.  My wife, Terri and I have three children.

Darrel Proffitt | Holy Apostles, Katy

I have experience in diocesan work having served on both the Commission on Ministry in Chicago and as a member of the Standing Committee in Kansas. I have my DMin in Congregational Development and received the Merit Award from S-WTS for my contribution to the larger church. With my background in leadership and growing the local church, I feel equipped to serve on the Executive Board.


Helen L. Toombs | Palmer Memorial, Houston

I’ve served for five years as Trustee of the Church Corporation and desire to serve another term. In this service, I employ my experience from practicing my specialty in law (probate, estate planning, estate management/audit, real estate, significant personal property, investments) and from finance and audit committees. My experience makes this service interesting. These are challenging times for investments and maintenance of properties, and I enjoy working with colleagues at Church Corporation to handle them.



Seth Hinkley |  Christ Church Cathedral, Houston

My name is Seth Hinkley, and I am a 1992 Sewanee graduate. I am running for trustee of my alma mater because I believe that my deep love and gratitude for the school and for the education I received, coupled with nearly 15 years of experience representing business clients in my law practice give me the motivation and the skills to serve the university’s best interest. I appreciate your consideration and your vote.

Sandra Wilkens | St. Martin’s, Houston

I fell in love with the University of the South while attending the graduation of my husband, Richard Wilkens (’69). Our two children also graduated from Sewanee. Through the years we have continued to return to the Mountain and support the University’s activities through student recruitment and fund raising. Sewanee is a unique asset of the Diocese and I feel it is important that a trustee have a strong connection and understanding of the University.







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