Bishop's Messages

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Here are the latest messages from Bishop Doyle regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. All Bishops' Messages, including those not regarding COVID-19, can be found by clicking on this link: All Bishop's Messages.

A Shepherd on our Darkest Hills

God knows the brokenness of heart and body and mind. Jesus knows our suffering and comes as our shepherd. Guardian of our souls, the watcher in the night, he contends for us. We are being shepherded by no one less than the great shepherd of the cross; through every kind of suffering imaginable. Even now and in this present hour. A sermon from Bishop Doyle given on 1 Peter 2:19-25.

Find the reading from 1 Peter here.

Easter Message for Clergy

Next week we need to think about a few things - but let that be next week. This is Easter. I want to invite you to celebrate the accomplishments you have achieved with God and with your people over the last month. Let us take a minute to celebrate the risen Christ. Let us pause in true Sabbath.

More than Hope: Faith

It's not just about hope; it's about our deep, abiding faith in resurrection and a God who is at work in us and with us to bring light to the darkness.

Read Bishop Doyle's letter to those struggling in their faith here.

Stewardship: Building Altars

During times of crisis, we must take care of ourselves; we are also called to care for others. Now more than ever, we must give to those ministries that care for the most vulnerable.

More resources about online giving can be found here.

The Good Shepherd

Most of all, we must remember that is the Good Shepherd who is present us in this present moment. The Good Shepherd who guides us, even in the darkest of nights.

The full text of this message can be found here.

A Basis for Hope

This virus will not defeat us. We have an amazing faith, a hope in God that will deliver us through this time - and nothing can separate us in this moment.

The full transcript of this message can be found here


A Message Regarding COVID-19

Bishop Doyle delivers a message as self-isolation begins. How can we take the living waters with us on our journey in community through this uncharted wilderness?

Bishop Doyle's guidelines for the Diocese regarding COVID-19 can be found here