Diocesan Council

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Diocesan Council is the annual business meeting of the diocese held every February.

Diocesan Council is the annual business meeting of the Diocese held every February. It is a gathering of elected delegates from all congregations, college ministries, lay heads of congregations, and canonically resident clergy. Article 2 of the EDOT Constitution details the membership of Council. The Bishop serves as ex-officio president of the council. Elected delegates are required to be confirmed communicants in good standing of the congregation they represent and be at least 18 years of age. Other members of Council, with voice but no vote unless also elected as lay delegates, include: members of the Standing Committee, the Executive Board and the president of the diocesan Episcopal Church Women. Council members vote on canonical and constitutional changes that have been submitted, diocesan and missionary budgets and resolutions put forward as well as consider other business that comes before Council. Delegates are usually elected at a church's annual meeting.